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Pre-arrival information

This page introduces you to all the essential pre-arrival information and guidance we will send you before you begin your studies at QMUL, so you can get off to a flying start.

Countdown to QMUL

Our fortnightly Countdown newsletter gives you step-by-step advice and instructions to help you prepare for your time at QMUL.

We send the newsletters to you from April, if you are joining us for the autumn semester, or from October if you are joining us for the spring semester. You will only start receiving your newlstters once you have an offer to study with us. Please review all issues of the newsletter to ensure you don't miss any important information. Below you will find links to the newsletters for students arriving in January 2018:

Countdown #1

Countdown #2 

Countdown #3 

Countdown #4 

Countdown #5 

Countdown #6 

Countdown #7

Countdown #8

Countdown #9 - available 19th December


Your eligibility on for university accommodation varies depending on which exchange programme you are on (You can check this by looking at the Accommodation webpage for your programme). If you are entitled to university accommodation, you need to apply for it before the Residences deadline (You’ll be sent more information on this in our Countdown newsletters).

Visas and immigration

Our Advice and Counselling Service has the latest immigration information and can guide you through the process. Find out more here.

Module registration

One of the many strengths of our academic programme is its flexibility. Our Countdown newsletters will give you details of the modules that are available, so you can pre-register for them before you arrive. You can also find out more on our Academic Information page for your programme. Module registration opens in May/June for autumn semester students and early November for spring semester. We will contact you prior to this via email with full details.

You can find the Module Registration Instructions for Spring 2018 here: Spring 2018 Module Registration Instuctions [PDF 311KB] Please note these notes are only for students arriving in January 2018.

Free airport pickup from Heathrow Airport

We arrange a free bus service to QMUL for all our new EU and students who arrive at Heathrow on our specified arrival dates. Our Countdown newsletter will give you more information. You can also find out more here.

Living costs

For information on living costs, please visit our Advice and Counselling Service’s page Planning a budget and managing your money.

Arrivals Guide

Our Arrivals Guide is your essential guide to living and studying at QMUL. The Spring 2018 version can be downloaded here: Arrivals Guide ( [PDF 4,592KB]

We will also send you a PdF version in your Countdown Newsletter - you'll be given a hard copy of the Guide at the Welcome Progamme when you arrive, so you don't have to pack it.

The Arrivals Guide for Autumn/Full Year 2018/19 will be available in August 2018. In the meantime, if you have any questions about joining us or about life in the UK, please email us at:

Your Pre-arrival checklist

  • Accept your offer to study at QMUL (and supply any further required information if you were made a Conditional offer) 
  • Apply for University accommodation as soon as possible and by the deadline indicated by Residential Service (if you are eligible and want to stay on campus)
  • Read all Countdown Newsletters sent to you via email
  • Join us on social media, read our student blogs, watch our videos to find out more about life at QMUL
  • Submit your module choices online when Module Registration opens
  • Sign your accommodation contract online
  • Apply for your visa or ensure you have the relevant documents with you
  • Plan your travel to London and to QMUL
  • Book your airport collection service to QMUL (if you want to join)
  • Read all correspondence (including the Countdown newsletters) from QMUL carefully
  • Pre-enrol online
  • Plan your budget
  • Plan your fee payments – if applicable
  • Prepare for your studies - read any emails from academic schools and complete any actions
  • Read through your online Arrivals Guide
  • Download the QMUL App - here you can access timetables (when available) and lots of useful information
  • Pack your suitcase and hand luggage
  • Arrive in London and move into your accommodation
  • Join us at the Welcome Programme at QMUL!


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