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Costs and accommodation for Erasmus+ ICM students

Living in London as a student allows you to experience life in one of the world’s greatest cities in an affordable way.


As an Erasmus+ ICM student, you are eligible* to apply for accommodation on QMUL’s Mile End campus in our comfortable, modern, self-catered flats.

Our Mile End Halls of Residence are all within a maximum five-minute walk of each other. Visiting your friends is easy and our 24-hour Security team and Residences Support teams are on hand if you have any queries. 

*You are eligible to apply but must apply by the Residences application deadline in order to be considered for a space. Please see the Residences website for full details of the application procedures and deadlines. You will be invited to apply for University accommodation after you firmly accept your offer to study.

What to expect

All of the rooms in our flats are single occupancy and the majority have en-suite (private) bathroom facilities. Typically, rooms are grouped in flats for between four and six students with shared kitchen facilities. All of our rooms are carpeted, equipped with a single bed, wardrobe, bookshelves, desk, chair and storage space. Many rooms contain their own mini-fridge. Kitchens are fully equipped with refrigerators, freezers, cookers, storage cupboards, food preparation areas and dining areas.

Our Erasmus+ ICM programme gives you a fully immersive experience: you will be placed in flats with UK and fellow international students, of both genders, so you can meet a range of people with varied viewpoints and experiences.

If you have any special requirements, please contact the Residences team so that we can accommodate them.

Further information

For more information and current prices, please visit the Residences website or contact

Living costs

For information on living costs, please visit our Advice and Counselling Service’s page ‘Planning a budget and managing your money’.

Pre-paid meal plans

You can make substantial savings on the cost of eating on campus by buying the Curve restaurant’s pre-paid meal vouchers. There are four packages, covering different breakfast and main meal options. For more information, visit - vouchers

Postgraduate students

If you are a postgraduate student on the Erasmus+ ICM programme and come to QMUL during our semester times, you can also apply for campus accommodation. Students coming between June and September might also be able to get on-campus housing. Please note, however, that accommodation on campus is not guaranteed. You should contact us at if you want to apply for campus accommodation, so that we can advise you.

If you join us outside these times (eg between November and March), you will have to look for alternative accommodation (please see below).

Alternative housing options

We can provide specialist advice on a range of alternative housing including renting a local room or flat, finding a room in a privately built hall of residence, or choosing a homestay or short-stay option. For further information, please visit:

QMUL Student Room Share

Some of our QMUL home students rent out their room while they are on their semester/year abroad. As an Erasmus+ student, you can register online to view these rentals on the Student Share Notice Board.





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