Queen Mary Venues joins HBAA

Queen Mary Venues is proud to announce it is now a venue member of the Hotel Booking and Agents Association (HBAA).

23 January 2020

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The HBAA drives, promotes and models good business between its members - a key focus is the championing of best practice, ethical working and sound commercial judgement. This makes membership a mark of quality assurance in the sector.

HBAA works with agency members who procure accommodation meeting and event services in the UK and overseas and the HBAA is the association that supports them and the hotel and venue companies they work with.

Throiugh becoming a venue member, Queen Mary Venues is now a signatory to the HBAA Code of Practice which defines best practice between agencies and venues ensuring client interests are at the focus.

To find out more about the HBAA visit: www.hbaa.org.uk