Stay QM sponsors 'Best Venue for Science Learning' Award

We're excited to announce Queen Mary's commercial accommodation brand 'Stay QM' will sponsor the 'Best Venue for Science Learning' catergory at the 2018/19 School Travel Organiser awards.

Queens' Building with flag at QMUL

Bridging the gap between the 'commercial' and 'educational' role of QMUL, the sponsorship shows how both spheres of the organisation can work together to share Queen Mary with a wider audience.

Commenting on the support, Simon Barlow, commercial marketing manager for Stay QM, said: “We’re very pleased to be involved with the School Travel Awards for 2018/19.

Simon added: “It’s a great initiative and an ideal opportunity to highlight the fantastic work by providers and teachers to ensure pupils have access to valuable learning experiences outside the classroom.

“Queen Mary University of London has been involved in a number of innovative partnerships with schools to help improve standards of education and inspire young people to fulfil their potential.

"As part of the School Travel Awards, we look forward to celebrating the role that venues, attractions and destinations have in contributing to the wealth of Science learning.”

The School Travel Awards initiative for 2018/19 will culminate in a five-star ceremony and lunch in London on Friday 16th November at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington.

There are 17 categories in total and teachers and professionals who organise school trips and education visits have been voting across 15 categories, with schools directly involved in the two other awards – ‘My Best School Trip’ Award and the School Trip Champion Award.

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