Events & Hospitality QM (the hospitality brand of Queen Mary University of London) is excited to reveal its brand new streamlined website! The key driver behind the project has been the end user’s (i.e. potential clients) experience. 

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Extensive research undertaken prior to development of the new site provided comprehensive feedback on areas for development, and identified the guiding principles needed to inform the launch of a cutting edge website. Methods undertaken for review of the former site included website usability testing, SEO audit and in-house workshops with the sales and web teams, as well as an external designer.

In response to the feedback gained, the new website is presented in a completely remodeled way, with key objectives to appear ‘cleaner’ and with a reduced, more logical navigation structure   making information accessible with the minimum of clicks. Journey flow is also aided  by immersing visitors in a visual, aesthetically pleasing design to avoid information overload.

A further and perhaps more innovative enhancement is the responsive nature of the new site to ensure that when viewing on mobile platforms such as iPads and iPhones the user experience isn’t compromised. In addition, a ‘sticky navigation’ feature has been included on the desktop version allowing the navigation bar to remain visible even when scrolling past the fold of the page.

Lauren Sotherden, Digital Marketing Executive for Events & Hospitality QM comments: “I have been really excited to lead on this challenging, user led project. Digital is always evolving and we felt the time was right to take our site to the next level in terms of design and functionality. With the user experience at the forefront, we have pushed the boundaries with this project, we want to be seen as leaders and innovators in the academic venues world, evolving as new trends appear, not behind them!”