Coronavirus testing and vaccinations for students and staff

Queen Mary University of London is taking part in the Government scheme to provide Covid-19 testing for students and staff who are asymptomatic. There will also be a vaccination centre on our Mile End campus from Monday 13 September.

Getting vaccinated

It is really important that everyone gets fully vaccinated. Being fully vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and others against Covid-19. It also means you can get an NHS Covid Pass, which you may be asked to show to travel abroad, or to enter some public events and venues. You can find more information and book your vaccinations on the NHS website.

Vaccination centre on campus

As of Monday 13 September, there is a vaccination centre on our Mile End campus in the Temporary Building in Geography Square. You can book an appointment and receive the vaccination. During the weeks of October 25th and November 1st, the centre is open only on Thursday, 11am to 6pm.

NHS vaccination programme: when can I book my vaccination?

On 18 June 2021, the NHS confirmed anyone 18 or over can now book both vaccinations doses through the NHS website.

Similarly, the government has now confirmed that everyone aged 16 or 17 in England will be offered their first vaccination by Monday 23 August. For more details, visit the NHS website link above. 

Home testing kits

Students and staff can pick up take-home testing kits from the following locations across our London campuses from Monday to Friday at:

  • Mile End, Geography Square, 1st Floor , Temporary Building
  • Whitechapel, Blizard Institute, Reception Area
  • Whitechapel, David Hughes Building, Ground Floor
  • Charterhouse Square, Dawson Hall, Foyer

About asymptomatic testing

These tests are for Queen Mary students and staff who do not have coronavirus symptoms. It is vital for the safety of others that you do not take this test if you are showing any symptoms. If you book a test and then develop symptoms, you should cancel your test and book an NHS Covid-19 test or arrange for a postal test as soon as possible. 

Testing is taking place at the following locations and can be booked via the button below.

Monday to Friday:

  • Mile End: Geography Square temporary building, 1st floor Temporary Building 
  • Whitechapel: Garrod Building, Old Library 
  • Charterhouse Square, Dawson Hall, Part of The Shield

You will need to log in with your Queen Mary account details to access the booking form.

Book now

What to expect

This type of test uses a lateral flow devices (LFD). The test itself is quick and easy to take. You administer the test yourself, it takes 5 minutes to do and you receive the results very soon after you’ve left the test centre.

Our testing centres were launched in December 2020. From 25 January, we are offering two tests per week for every student or member of staff living on our campuses or travelling regularly to our campuses. We have test facilities at our Charterhouse Square and Mile End campuses in London.

If you are a student with any special requirements, such as mobility issues or other factors that would prevent you from accessing the testing facilities, please email the Disability and Dyslexia Service ( and they will arrange for reasonable adjustments to help you access the testing.  

If you are a member of staff who may need adjustments to be made in order to access the test please email  

For all other enquiries, please email

What to do if you receive a positive test

On 29 March, the UK Government reintroduced the requirement for a confirmatory PCR test for anyone who receives a positive LFD test.

If you receive a positive LFD test, you should immediately start a period of 10 days' isolation and arrange a confirmatory PCR test via the NHS.

What to do if you are pinged by the NHS app

You do not need to self-isolate as a close contact if you have had two vaccinations in the UK and it has been at least two weeks since your second dose. You also do not need to self-isolate if you are aged 18 years and 6 months or less. You should do a confirmatory PCR test as advised by NHS Test and Trace.

Students only need to inform their School, and staff should inform their line manager.


Please read the following FAQs for further information and guidance about this testing scheme.

These tests are for all Queen Mary students and staff. In particular, students who are currently living in our halls of residence and students and staff who travel frequently onto our campuses should arrange two tests per week. 

As long as you don’t have any coronavirus symptoms, you are eligible for this type of test.

Yes. These tests are particularly aimed at students who are currently living in our halls of residence and students and staff who travel frequently onto our campuses, but any student or member of staff can book a test. 

If you are living on, or regularly travelling to, our campuses, you should book 2 test per week.

If you have coronavirus symptoms you must not go to one of the Queen Mary test sites on campus, even to attend a pre-booked test, as you may endanger students and staff. You should instead arrange an NHS Covid-19 test.

No. You must not go to one of the Queen Mary test sites on campus if you have Covid-19 symptoms, as you may endanger students and staff. If you have already booked a test with us, please cancel it. In all events, you should book an NHS test as soon as possible, or arrange for a postal test.

You administer the test yourself: you will be given a swab, and will swab the back of your throat and up your nose. The government have provided picture and video guidance.

You should get the results quickly - within 30 minutes, although at busy times it may take up to 24 hours following each test. You will get the result via email or text message.  

If the result of your LFD test is negative, please continue to book and attend your future regular tests. The result indicates that you are unlikely to have Covid-19 at that point in time.

If you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, please self-isolate and get a test via the NHSDo not go for a test at a Queen Mary testing centre, as you could endanger staff and students.

If you receive a positive LFD test, you should immediately start a period of 10 days' isolation and arrange a confirmatory PCR test via the NHS

If your LFD test was taken at home (self-reported), you should self-isolate immediately. You and your household members should follow all this guidance. You should also arrange to have a follow-up PCR test as soon as possible. If the follow-up PCR test result is negative, you and your household contacts can stop self-isolating.



If you receive a positive LFD test, you should immediately start a period of 10 days' isolation and arrange a confirmatory PCR test via the NHS. You should tell your housemates they should self-isolate for 14 days.

If you are worried about telling your flatmates or your family, or the financial implications of having Covid-19, we can provide support. Please email 



If you are in close contact with someone who has received a positive test result through this testing process, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

If you are living on, or regularly travelling to our campuses, you should book two LFD tests per week.

The Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test. It is commonly referred to as a lateral flow device (LFD) test.

The test has been performed very widely by people across the UK and is safe when performed as per the instructions. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, such as a bleeding disorder or previous nose disorders that might be affected by the nose swab, please let the staff at the test site know.  

If you have had a confirmed positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR test for COVID-19) in the last 90 days, you do not need to be tested again within that time period if you are asymptomatic. However, you are still required to follow the national guidance for adults who have been identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case, even if this is within the 90 day window. 

Trained staff will be on hand to tell you how to do the test.

No. These tests are for Queen Mary students and staff and are aimed particularly at students living on our campuses, and students and staff who travel regularly to our campuses.  

Unfortunately asymptomatic PCR testing is not available on the NHS. The NHS Test and Trace PCR tests are only for people with Covid-19 symptoms.  NHS Test and Trace will not provide people with travel documentation. Therefore anyone who needs a PCR test as part of their travel documentation will need to arrange for a private test. Unfortunately we are unable to recommend any private providers as we cannot assure their quality.

The amount of time it takes to receive results can vary.  Most people will receive their result within a few hours of the test but it can take up to 24 hours.  The length of time does not relate to whether the test result is positive or negative.  If you have not received your result 24 hours after the test please call the NHS on 119.  Please do not come back to the test centre as we do not have access to your results or any of your data.