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Medicine and dentistry students

Campus in the capital

Studying in the capital means learning at the forefront of modern medicine. Our medicine and dentistry students get to experience all the challenges that come with providing healthcare in a busy and culturally diverse city, and have a unique opportunity to treat patients from all walks of life.

London skyline, with The Royal London Hospital in the foreground

Working alongside leaders in public healthcare

Students at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry are taught at two historic London hospitals: St Bartholomew's Hospital in West Smithfield, and the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, the largest new hospital in Europe and home to London’s Air Ambulance.

Our students work side-by-side with pioneers in public healthcare, helping to change the lives of people across the world. Discoveries made by the School in 2017 have made advances in reducing the risk of caesarean sections, saving the lives of people with HIV, and improving protection against flu.

London’s Air Ambulance helipad

City life

Whitechapel is a particularly energetic and vibrant part of London, famed for its bustling markets, art, culture and food. It’s also close to the centre of the capital; you only need to look west to see the skyscrapers of The City nearby. Meanwhile, the lively social hubs of Shoreditch and Brick Lane are in walking distance.

The university is located in a diverse area of east London. You’re so close to central London, it’s just a couple of Tube stops away, but at the same time there are lots of nice communities around here so it doesn’t feel so big and scary. You get to meet so many different people. I’ve made so many friends
Lewis Thomas, Global Health BSc 2019

At our West Smithfield site, students can truly immerse themselves in city life. The area features many restaurants, bars, cultural venues and landmarks, including the Museum of London, the Barbican and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Student community

There is a strong sense of community among our medicine and dentistry students. Based at our Whitechapel campus, Barts and The London Students' Association (BLSA) has its own set of representatives, societies and sports clubs, plus a bar, games room and dance studio on site.

Every year, BLSA students go head-to-head with students from Queen Mary Students' Union in our fierce sporting event of the year, the Merger Cup.

Medicine and Dentistry students outside the Blizard Building

Great facilities

Our students can take advantage of the latest teaching and learning facilities. We have a purpose-built Clinical and Communications Skills Centre at our West Smithfield campus (St Bartholomew’s Hospital) for medical students to practise clinical methods and practical skills using mannequins and models.

One of the most advanced of its kind and the first to be developed in the UK, our students can develop the key communication skills they need with the help of specially trained actors who simulate patients and are able to give valuable feedback.

Dentistry students in laboratory

Dentistry students will be taught at our Whitechapel campus in the first new dental school to be built in the United Kingdom for over 40 years. The £78m building houses the most modern dental facilities in the UK and includes a clinical skills laboratory and clinical treatment areas.

A blend of history and innovation

We have a long tradition of teaching medicine and dentistry, and this is reflected in the architecture on campus. From the awe-inspiring Whitechapel Library - built inside a grade II listed former church to the ultra-modern Blizard Building, the campus combines an interesting blend of history and innovation.

Inside the Blizard Building

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