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Outreach across QMUL

This web page contains information about the events which are being delivered by departments across QMUL, inviting local school and college students, teachers and parents.

Also, see the links at the bottom of our teachers' web page for all the departments across QMUL who offer their own outreach activities.

If you are a QMUL member of staff who is planning an outreach activity please see the WP intranet pages for advice about planning and publicity. 


Literacy project for Latin American students  

Year 8 Creative Writing Workshops

Exclusive for one school only  

Former English teacher and creative writing PhD student Karina Lickorish Quinn has developed workshops designed for Spanish-speaking Latin American students to increase their literacy confidence, hone reading and writing skills and improve spoken English. Karina is Peruvian-British and bilingual (English and Spanish).  

 7 weeks of workshops, to start after May half term (or earlier)

  • Flexible approach to timings (in-school or after school)
  • Available for 10 – 30 students

“Creative writing is a powerful tool to give a voice to students who might otherwise feel alienated from the English curriculum. My workshops are designed to give Latinx students a forum in which to explore their identities, express their stories and improve their literacy skills with the aim of giving them greater confidence to engage with their schooling across all subjects.”

Further information 

When I worked as a full-time English teacher in Camden, I taught a large cohort of Latin American students with very little English. They felt alienated from the English curriculum and generally underperformed compared to their peers. During my workshops, students will be able to explore reading and writing in a bilingual environment, allowing them to improve their literacy skills and explore self-expression through writing in English in a low-stakes, friendly and creative environment.

Through the workshops, students will:

  • practice close reading skills on prose and poetry in Spanish, English and bilingual modes;
  • explore creative writing as a means of self-expression;
  • critique and feedback on one another’s work;
  • develop a greater understanding of a writer’s craft and methods;
  • explore the possibilities of bilingual writing in prose and poetry;
  • explore the art of translation;
  • improve their vocabulary in English;
  • reflect on their progress and development as a reader, writer, and English speaker.


Queen Mary at Tate Modern 

Exhibition 1 - 6 May:
Producing Memory: Maps, Materials, and Belongings 

Fifth floor, Blavatnik Building, Tate Exchange 

A potential activity Year 12 students can include in their personal statement next year. The interactive displays are open to the public daily 12-6pm with specific workshops and screenings also taking place. 

Students can also participate in a Youth Forum on Saturday 5 May 11am-3pm.  

If you are interested in bringing a younger group of students please contact Professor Andrea Brady to discuss: a.brady@qmul.ac.uk

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