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Living on campus at Queen Mary!

For many students, going to University means moving away from home for the first time. It’s an exciting experience, which allows you to gain independence and possibly develop an appreciation for all the times your parents cooked and cleaned up after you!

12 May 2015

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As the only campus-based University in London, Queen Mary offers over 2,000 bed spaces to new and returning students, the majority of which are located at our Mile End campus. The Student Village offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of London. Each residence building is secure with access only permitted to those with a key, and the front gates to enter the Student Village are monitored 24/7 by security. More importantly, it’s convenient! You’ll have no excuse to be late for your classes and no need to worry about any travel delays. The location is also great, especially if you are lucky enough to live in a room facing Regent’s Canal (pictured here).

I lived in Richard Feilden House in my first year at Queen Mary, one of the student halls within the Mile End Campus. I had my own private room, which included a bathroom/shower, fridge, desk, wardrobe and single bed. It was in a flat with 10 other students and we all shared a communal kitchen, which contained two hobs/ovens, two sinks, two fridges, a table and chairs and plenty of shelf space. A perk included a friendly housekeeper coming daily to clean our kitchen and fortnightly to clean our rooms! It’s important to mention that the price and types of accommodation offered vary, so make sure you read up on the specific details of the residence you are interested in to see what they provide.

As an international student, it was comforting living in student halls as I was unfamiliar with London and was wary of looking for private housing. My flat contained a mix of students: British, European and Americans. Although we were all studying different programmes, everyone was friendly and respectful.

If you are interested in living in Queen Mary accommodation this upcoming year, the deadline for most students is 31st May 2015, but do check their website to confirm as deadlines differ depending on what type of student you are.

Typically, if you live in or near London, you may not be guaranteed a place as rooms are limited and priority is given to those students who live further away from London. However, Queen Mary Residential Services are great at helping students look for alternative accommodation in London, whether it’s other private halls or a flat within the city. Trust me, house hunting can be a very stressful and daunting task, so any bit of help you can get is ideal.

Finally, if you have any questions about accommodation, check out the FAQs section of their website and if your question isn’t answered there, you can contact residences@qmul.ac.uk directly!

  • Carolyn Minaudo is a final year student at Queen Mary, studying an accelerated two-year Law degree. Originally from Toronto, she also has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Political Science from Queen’s University in Canada. Carolyn came to London for the first time to begin studying at QMUL and hopes through sharing her student experience you’ll be inspired to join her!



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