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Getting involved at Queen Mary!

Extra curricular involvement is the perfect way to make friends outside of your programme, develop an array of employability skills, and most importantly, have fun! The Students’ Union at Queen Mary is the hub for student activities, and offers over 200 different student societies across every interest imaginable. Here is some of what they offer by category:

3 June 2015

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Academic: societies which complement the academic subjects, such as the Law Society, Economics Society and BioMedics Society, which offer an array of events, workshops and socials specific to the subject area.

Arts, Music & Performance: creative societies such as Asian Dance, Fine Art Appreciation and Photography.

Campaigning: various political and grassroots' societies, such as the Amnesty International Society, UNICEF Society and Vegetarian & Vegan Society.

Cultural: encompassing the diversity of cultures at Queen Mary, such as the Arab Society, Francophone and Malaysian Societies.

Educational, Employability and Enterprising: a variety of societies with an educational focus, such as the Bright Futures Society which teaches students what skills are required to get a graduate job and brings big name recruiters onto campus; and the Enactus Society which develops projects aimed at improving the standard of living of their target group.

Faith: centered around various faith-based and religious groups.

Recreational: an array of unique societies, such as the Medieval Re-enactment Society which allows members to learn about the materials and lifestyle of the 12th century and take part in displays of safe medieval combat, or the Knit-a-Soc knitting and crochet society!

Social: such as the Harry Potter Society, offering Slug Club Meetings and Quidditch Cup tournaments, and the Lego Society, ‘for people who want to build with Lego!’

In addition to societies, the Students Union also offers hundreds of volunteering opportunities for students. Placements can be regular or one-off and take place throughout London. Some examples include:

ReachOut Junior Mentors: giving academic support to secondary school pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Open Access Play Volunteer: helping provide opportunities for disabled and non-disabled children to play together in an exciting adventure playground.

Mentor run by Housing Justice, which aims to reduce social isolation and offer support to ex-homeless people.

Overall, extra curricular involvement is an extremely beneficial addition to your degree programme. Our Students Union provides hundreds of options for students, but don’t be afraid to also seek out other opportunities within the community. We have the advantage of living in London, a city that is not short of extra-curricular activities - use this to your advantage and your student life at Queen Mary will be greatly enhanced!

  • Carolyn Minaudo is a final year student at Queen Mary, studying an accelerated two-year Law degree. Originally from Toronto, she also has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Political Science from Queen’s University in Canada. Carolyn came to London for the first time to begin studying at QMUL and hopes through sharing her student experience you’ll be inspired to join her!



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