Taster lectures in Physics

Friday 21 June

Time and location: 1.30-2pm G.O Jones Lecture Theatre

Title: General relativity: Einstein’s theory of space, time and gravity

Description: Einstein’s theory of general relativity is the crowning jewel of theoretical physics. It’s a theory that re-defined the way that we understand space and time, that gave us a radical re-interpretation of the gravitational interaction, and that allows us to model the Universe as a whole. Born out of almost pure thought, Einstein’s theory has stood the test of time, and has accurately predicted the results of over a century of experimental gravitational physics, astronomy and cosmology. It is also a theory of unparalleled mathematical beauty, uniting the mathematical field of differential geometry with the physics that governs nature. In this talk, I will give you a brief introduction to Einstein’s conceptual breakthroughs, which made his theory possible. We will then consider a few of the observational consequences of general relativity, including the lensing of light and the emission of gravitational waves from colliding black holes. Queen Mary University of London has a long history of researching general relativity, going all the way back to contemporaries of Einstein himself, and are currently one of the leading institutions in the UK for relativity research. As a student at Queen Mary you will have the opportunity to learn about this theory for yourself.

Saturday 22 June

Time and location: 1.30-2pm G.O Jones Lecture Theatre

Title: Neutrino Physics