Taster lectures in Drama

Friday 21 June

Session 1

Time and location: 12pm-1pm, ArtsTwo, 2.18

Title: City space and popular performance

Description: This workshop thinks about the ways in which popular performance may take place in non-theatrical spaces, and render city spaces theatrical. We will consider the various histories of Greek, Medieval and sub-cultural performance forms, and experiment with using unexpected spaces for performance work.

Speaker: Aoife Monks

Session 2

Time and location: 12pm-1pm, ArtsTwo, Film and Drama Studio

Title: Making listening visible: Using verbatim and headphone theatre

Description: In this practical session you will explore practical and ethical aspects of verbatim (‘word for word’) performance. How can we be authentic and truthful when we perform another person’s words? What does verbatim performance do to our listening? How can it make a social and political intervention?

Speaker: Maggie Inchley

Session 3

Time and location: 3-4pm, ArtsTwo, 2.18

Title: Playing for real

Description: This session will explore theatre and performance practices in a range of community contexts. Some of the questions we will explore include: How do you make theatre in prison? Why do artists work in residential care homes? Who are the audiences for this work? Why does it matter?

Speaker: Caoimhe McAvinchey

Saturday 22 June

Session 1

Time and location: 12-1pm, ArtsTwo, Film and Drama Studio

Title: Theatre and the supernatural

Description: There are many plays and performances that feature ghosts and other supernatural figures and magical experiences. In this class, we'll explore some of these to think about how theatre might be a place where the living and the dead can make contact with each other.

Speaker: Nicholas Ridout

Session 2

Time and location: 12-1pm, ArtsTwo, 2.18

Speaker: Professor Bridget Escolme

Session 3

Time and location: 3-4pm, ArtsTwo, Film and Drama Studio

Title: Walking the city

Description: Artists have used the practice of walking in their work, inviting spectators to see the city (and perhaps themselves) differently. You will look at 'walking performances', focussing particularly on gender, sexuality, participation and spectatorship.

Speaker: Catherine Silverstone