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Subject Taster Sessions On-Demand

Queen Mary is pleased to hold a range of subject specific taster sessions throughout the year. If you've missed our tasters, or would like a recap. We've made the recording of our sessions available so you can find out what studying your subject of choice is like at Queen Mary.

Discover what studying a Maths degree at university is really like! This recording will help you gain an insight into student life at Queen Mary. 

You will be able to view:

  • A taster lecture on: How close is too close in space? (Dr Shabnam Beheshti)
  • A taster lecture on: Pricing for pet insurance (Gaik Ng FIA)
  • A talk on transitioning to university
  • A talk about Careers in Maths


  Watch the taster session

Emotions and Moods at Work 

Rob Briner is Professor of Organizational Psychology in the School of Business and Management. His research focuses on organizational psychology and HR, including: work and well-being, the psychological contract, work-nonwork relationships and ethnicity. Rob was recently named one of the '100 most influential people in HR'.  

Professor Briner's interactive and engaging session will introduce the notion of how emotions and moods affect performance at work. This will be followed by a talk from the Careers and Employability team. 

  Watch the taster session


Who are entrepreneurs and what do they do? 

With the rise of digital start-ups such as Google and Facebook, there seems to be a stereotype of “successful” entrepreneurs. Yet this is a myth. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. 

In this session, Dr Zhang will explore what motivates entrepreneurs and what value they are creating for their customers and stakeholders. Dr Zhang is Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. She is also the director of the SBM Entrepreneurship Hub and the founding director of QM social venture fund - the first student-led social venture fund investing in student-led social ventures in the UK.

  Watch the taster session


The Crowd Economy

Digital platforms have enabled new business models by bringing together large audiences or 'crowds' in activities like crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and task-based employment.  

Dr Panagiotopoulos explores the two aspects of the crowd economy in terms of collaborative value creation (e.g. Wikipedia, Amazon Mechanical Turk) and collaborative consumption (e.g. AirBnB, BorrowMyDoggie). 

  Watch the taster session


Marketing Taster Lecture

Join Dr Stephan Dickert, Reader (Associate Professor) in Marketing for this insightful subject taster session.

  Watch the taster session


Accounting Taster Session - Year End Accounts

Dr Didem Gundogdu gives a taster session on year end accounts.

  Watch the taster session

We've put together some recordings from recent Economics and Finance taster events we thought you might like to watch in case you missed them.


  Watch the taster session

Defining Race and Racism

This lecture will introduce key concepts and debates in the study of race and racism. It will suggest that the history of colonialism holds the key to understanding racism in the contemporary world. 

  Watch the taster session

This virtual taster session recording will give current Year 12 students an overview of life as an undergraduate student in the School of Physics and Astronomy. You will be able listen to a taster lecture with one of our friendly academics and learn about the cutting-edge research the department is involved with, that you could be too!

You will also get the opportunity to virtually explore our facilities, including our teaching labs and our state-of-the-art observatory. Finally, you will get an opportunity to hear about the vast range of jobs a degree in Physics can lead to, including game design, data science and robotics.  

The recordings have been split into different topics for you to choose from below:

An introduction to the School

Academic Taster Session

Departmental Tour

Careers Talk

Student Ambassador Q&A

There is a gender gap in the tech industry and we're hoping to help change that! We know that the tech industry requires people of all skills and backgrounds, and we are committed to help build a diverse and inclusive tech workforce of the future. 

This recording will give current Year 12 students an overview of life as an undergraduate student in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, as well as experience of what it's like to be a woman in the tech industry. 

You will learn about what it's like to be a computer scientist and ways you can use the skills to develop, design and create new technology!

You will also have a chance to discover more about what it is to be an electronic engineer and how they are solving real-world problems like developing more sustainable and cleaner energy. 

  Watch the taster session

The Air We Breathe

A recording of a chemistry lecture that describes the atmospheric gases and focusses on the chemistry of dioxygen – its origin, importance for aerobic life on earth, its transport and storage in humans and its reduction products – including hydrogen peroxide that is a useful disinfectant and bleaching agent but is toxic to cells and how the body ensures that it does not accumulate – yet is stored in a special sack in the bombardier beetle and used as a defence mechanism to ward off predators 

The passcode to view this recording is: 0j#wUrf$

  Watch the taster session

View some Engineering and Materials Science subject talks from the October 2022 Open Day, covering several disciplines.

Aerospace Engineering Subject Talk - October 2022

Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering Subject Talk - October 2022

Sustainable Energy Engineering Subject Talk - October 2022

School of History Subject Talk

Hear from the School of History Recruitment and Admissions Manager Patrick Higgins about all the advantages of studying History at Queen Mary University of London.

  Watch the subject talk

 School of History Personal Statement Session

Find out how to make your UCAS Personal Statemtement for History stand out from the crowd.

History personal statements talk


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