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Subject-specific sessions

Our academic schools hold a range of taster events, student panels and alumni discussions throughout the year to give you a taste of the subjects we teach. 

Humanities and Social Sciences

Geography Taster Talk

"The Promise of the ocean: water, technology, and the geography of infrastructure"

Wednesday 7 December 2022, 4pm - 5.15pm (GMT)

This online session will explore the role of the ocean as a ‘solution’ to the problem of climate change and potential water scarcities in our future.

In London and UK, as in many other places around the world, the prospect of converting seawater into potable water has been embraced as a ‘solution’ to the problem of climate change and potential water scarcities in our future.

Even though there is opposition to desalination plants as energy intensive projects, they are becoming increasingly common.

This talk will trace how urban water infrastructures have come to rely on such technologies and how geographers in particular have analysed the transformation of water into infrastructure.

It will discuss two case studies from the global north and south - London, UK and Chennai, India - posing the question, is the ocean the answer to urban needs of the present, not to mention the future?

This online session will include a 45-minute talk from an academic, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A with the academic and a student ambassador studying Geography at QMUL.


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Year Abroad Taster (Modern Languages)

Wednesday 7 December 2022, 5pm - 6pm (GMT)

Discover the Year Abroad - one of the most exciting and enriching parts of a modern language degree. Hear from students who have recently returned from their travels abroad.

We will provide an overview of the different locations in which our third-year students typically spend their Year Abroad.

You will also find out about the kinds of activities you can undertake, from study abroad to work placements that will enhance your future career pathways. 

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"Rediscover: Love" English, Drama and Creative Writing Taster Day

Monday 12 December 2022, 2 - 4pm (GMT)

Love is at the heart of literature and drama. This TED talk style event will help A-level students understand the importance of love in poems, plays, and prose from Shakespeare’s day to our own time.

Based on Love Through the Ages, a unit within AQA’s A-level syllabus, these short talks will also include helpful resources for all Year 12 students studying English and/or Drama. 

Queen Mary’s School of English and Drama is a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, led by globally-recognised academics, writers, and practitioners who combine cutting-edge research and teaching with a commitment to community and social change. By challenging norms, championing marginalised voices, and exposing our students to a breadth of material, we improve lives and foster understanding of complex issues. 

You can expect:  

  1. Lightning talks from our English, Drama and Creative Writing teachers 
  2. Relevant A-level content as well as ways to improve your responses with new concepts. 
  3. A good chance to discover what teaching and learning is like at a Russell Group university that is committed to social justice.  


  • 1400-1420 Introduction to concepts being discussed and why humanities matter? 
  • 1420-1440 Lightning Talk 1 - English 
  • 1440-1500 Lightning Talk 2 - Drama 
  • 1500-1510 Break & Discussion 
  • 1510-1530 Lightning Talk 3 – Creative Writing 
  • 1530-1550 Lightning Talk 4 – English  
  • 1550-1600 – Wrap Up & Discussion 

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Liberal Arts Taster

Wednesday 14 December 2022, 5pm - 6pm (GMT)

Welcome: What is Liberal Arts? In this session, you will be introduced to the BA Liberal Arts programme, and provided with an overview of its structure.

Case study: A taster from a module on the BA Liberal Arts.

Q & A with students: This slot is your chance to ask current QMUL Humanities students about their programme, the modules they’ve taken, living in London, etc.

Advice/Questions/Personal Statement: We’ll wrap up by giving you a chance to ask any questions. We will also tell you more about our entry requirements and what we look for in a personal statement.

This taster session is suitable for Years 10 to 13; no prior knowledge of the subject is necessary.

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Science and Engineering

'What is Engineering' Taster Event

Wednesday 14 December 2022, 4pm - 6pm (GMT)

Considering studying engineering at university, but unsure which subject area is right for you?  'What is Engineering' is an opportunity to visit the School of Engineering and Materials Science and meet students from each subject area. 

You will join us in one of our teaching labs where you will have to opportunity to spend time with students from each subject area. 

Current Queen Mary students will be able to talk to you about their experiences studying engineering at university and take you through some of the projects they are working on.  

This event is suitable for Year 11 to Year 13 students who are either intending to study, or currently studying, A-level Maths and Physics, or Chemistry. 

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Wonderful World of Maths Event

Thursday 15 December, 4.30 - 6pm (GMT)

Our Wonderful World of Maths taster event showcases everything we love about Maths. You can join us from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home. 

With two exciting taster lectures, a student-led session about the transition to university, and a talk on what you can do with a maths degree, this event will give you a great feel for what it's like to study with us. 

Here's the full programme:

16:30 - 16:35 - Welcome to the School of Mathematical Sciences

16:35 - 17:00 - Taster Talk 1 with Dr Katy Clough

17:00 - 17:25 - Taster Talk 2 with Dr Arick Shao 

17:25 - 17:45 - Transition to University Talk with Krishny 

17:45 - 18:00 - Maths Careers Talk with Louise Goddard 

18:00 - Event ends 

To register for this event, you must be studying A-Level Maths or equivalent. If you're unsure about your eligibility to join, please contact

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Subject Taster Sessions On-Demand

We hold a range of subject specific taster sessions throughout the year. If you've missed our tasters, or would like a recap, we've made the recording of our sessions available so you can find out what studying your subject of choice is like at Queen Mary.

Subject Taster Sessions On-Demand

Subject Insight Series

A series of short online courses from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences helping you find which subject is the perfect fit for you!

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