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Subject-specific sessions

Our academic schools hold a range of taster events, student panels and alumni discussions throughout the year to give you a taste of the subjects we teach. 

Humanities and Social Sciences

Linguistics Virtual Taster Event

Wednesday 17 March 2021, 5-6pm (GMT)

Have you ever wondered what studying linguistics at university involves? Come along to our virtual taster session! You will discover how a BA in Linguistics offers new perspectives on language, culture and society, and you’ll also have the opportunity to hear from students studying BA Linguistics about their own year abroad and work experiences during their degree.

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Film Studies Virtual Taster Event

Wednesday 24 March 2021, 5-6pm (GMT)

This Taster Session will present an overview of who we are and what we do, mentioning some of our exciting and pioneering work in film theory and practice. You will be able to gain an insight into the multifaceted world of film analysis from the standpoint of film culture, philosophy and global cinemas alongside film practice perspectives. The taster sessions are designed to illustrate the multifarious opportunities afforded by our various programmes to engage with diverse dimensions of film. Department staff will be happy to provide information and respond to questions following the taster sessions. There will be an opportunity to meet some of our students, who will be able to answer queries about the student experience at Queen Mary.

This event is suitable for Years 10 to 13. Students with a background in film and related subject areas are equally welcome!

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Economics and Finance Online Drop-in Sessions

Meet with members of the teaching and learning support team at the School of Economics and Finance to ask them questions about our programmes, applying and any other questions you may have about coming to Queen Mary University.

You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions:
  • Wednesday 25 March 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)
  • Wednesday 8 April 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)
  • Wednesday 22 April 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)


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Creative Writing Virtual Taster Event

'Write What You Know' - Creative Writing Taster Workshop with acclaimed author Michael Hughes

Wednesday 24 March 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)

“Write what you know” is one of the most famous pieces of writing advice, but what does it really mean? Why is it so valuable to use our own life as raw material for imaginative writing? And how do we actually put it into practice?

This session will introduce techniques which allow a writer to gather raw material from their own personal experience, and begin to explore how it might form the basis of a piece of fiction. You will have the chance to experiment with a few of the fundamental techniques we offer Creative Writing students at Queen Mary, including Free Writing, Creative Visualisation, Prompts and Live Writing. Please bring a pen, and some paper or a notebook, as we will be writing longhand during the session.

This session is suitable for year 12 and 13 students and will take place in a moderated Zoom meeting for safeguarding.

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Drama Virtual Taster Event

Writing Now: Caryl Churchill with Jen Harvie

Wednesday 24 March 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)

Across her career, playwright Caryl Churchill has constantly innovated, and been consistently politically engaged. In this seminar workshop, we will look at text extracts and production images from two of her most recent plays – Here We Go (2015) and Escaped Alone (2016) – to explore how she experiments with text and structure to address urgent social issues.

This session is suitable for year 12 and 13 students and will take place in a moderated Zoom meeting for safeguarding.


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English Virtual Taster Event

'What role does the idea of a cultural 'renaissance' play within twentieth-century literature?' 

Wednesday 24 March 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)

This session will look at three examples of moments when artists and writers worked to create a cultural 'renaissance'. These three moments are the Irish Literary Renaissance (1890s to 1920s); the Harlem Renaissance (1910s-1930s), and the Scottish Renaissance (1920s to 1950s). The session will introduce some of the key figures and ideas within each of these movements and look at examples of their literary writings.

This session is suitable for year 12 and 13 students and will take place in a moderated Zoom meeting for safeguarding.

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Drama Virtual Taster Event

Independent Performance Making with Lois Weaver

Wednesday 14 April 2021, 4-5pm (GMT)

This is a hands on practical workshop that introduces some of the methodologies used in making solo performance and live art.

This session will take place on Zoom moderated for safeguarding purposes.

If you have any access requirements or questions please email us.

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Science and Engineering

Girls in Maths Virtual Taster Event

Thursday 8 April 2021, 10-11.30am (GMT)

We're inviting female students to join us virtually and discover what studying a Maths degree at university is really like! This will be a great opportunity to gain an insight into student life at Queen Mary. 

Students will be able to join us for:

  • A taster lecture on: How close is too close in space? (Dr Shabnam Beheshti)
  • A taster lecture on: Pricing for pet insurance (Gaik Ng FIA)
  • A talk on transitioning to university
  • A talk about Careers in Maths

You will be able to engage with female undergraduate students and academic lecturers to have all of your questions about studying at Queen Mary answered.

This taster course is open to year 12 students.

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Medicine and Dentistry

Medicine MBBS Malta Open Day

Friday 5 March 2021

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Friday 18 June 2021

Eager to learn more about the Medicine MBBS Malta programme?

Throughout the academic year, QMUL Malta hosts a number of open days where you are able to speak with current students, admissions and academic staff from the Malta campus. 

Given the current situation, we are expecting that the majority of these days will take place online. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this page with any changes.

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Contact our schools

Our Schools and Institutes webpage contains a list of all of our academic school websites, where you can find specific contact information.

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