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Physics with Data Science

data driven problem solving

Study a Physics degree that combines the skills, knowledge and tools you need to solve real-world problems with data science techniques


Why Physics with Data Science?

As a Russell Group university with a difference, we encourage our students to apply previously unthinkable ideas to the challenges of the real world. BSc and MSci Physics with Data Science allow you to study the fundamental forces of nature and and develop sought-after mathematical, analytical, and computer programming skills.

Physics with Data Science offers you the best of both worlds - you'll get all the quality features of an accredited Physics degree, combined with a clear route to developing specific, highly relevant and employable skills in computer programming, statistical data analysis, modern machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

Highlights from the School of Physics and Astronomy:

  • 1st in London for student satisfaction five years running (NSS 2014 - 2018)
  • Successful placement scheme offering opportunities in research and industry
  • Involvement in pioneering international research collaborations incuding the discovery of the Higgs boson particle

Kick-start your career

As companies and governments are starting to adjust to the massive amounts of data becoming available with the advent of new technologies, the need for graduates with data science skills is skyrocketing - demand for workers with specialist data skills has more than tripled over five years (Royal Society, May 2019). Through this course, graduates will be primed to step directly into high-vaue data science careers as well as gain access to academic or research roles.

Physics with Data Science is available as a three or four-year degree and is designed to help equip our graduates with the skills and learning opportunities of a traditional Physics degree, combined with the tools and practical knowledge needed to solve real-world problems with data science techniques.