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Everyone could be the one

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Be the next one to crack it

From using data to help cure cancer to saving the planet by making aircraft more fuel efficient, we believe that everyone can be the one to crack their full potential. As a Russell Group university with strong East London roots,    We believe that everyone could be the one that makes a difference. We are proud to be part of the Russell Group, an association of 24 world-leading research-intensive universities in the UK.    

Queen Mary University of London is where previously unthinkable ideas are applied to the challenges facing the real world. We do this by being the most inclusive university of its kind, anywhere.

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Queen Mary makes a difference

No one knows more about studying at Queen Mary than our brilliant students - and if you've ever wondered where your subject could lead you, you're in luck! We sat down with Queen Mary graduates to find out what made their time here so special, and how choosing their subject changed their life.

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It's great that Queen Mary is a campus based uni in East London, when its not only the centre of entrepreunerial start-up tech and creative, but also very artistic. You can always find something that suits you.
— Miranda Xie,International Education rep for the Student's Union

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This is the place for you to get real answers to absolutely any questions you have – all from Queen Mary students. Just have a look at the profiles and click to chat.

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