Primary Programmes

Research shows that Widening Participation is most effective when the concept of university is introduced from an early age. 

Year 6 Scout visit

Dates for the 2018/19 academic year will be sent to teachers on our contact list.  

Group size: 30 students maximum, up to two classes per day. 

80% of the students attending must meet one or more Widening Participation eligibility criteria.

There are no attainment criteria to attend a Year 6 Scout visit. 

Three-hour visit to Queen Mary Mile End Campus (E1 4NS) introducing the university environment through interactive challenges and a campus trail. The visit is designed to help classes prepare for their transition to secondary school.

To request a date email Lucy: l.trotman@qmul.ac.uk


Year 5 and/or 6 Discover Engineering Workshop

Taking place in October, November and December 2018

Year 5 and / or 6 classes up to 32 students per class.

100% of the students attending must meet one or more Widening Participation eligibility criteria.

The workshop contains three parts – engineering design, manufacturing and structures with team work. The workshop gives participants an introduction to all things engineering – what it is, what items are engineered, who are engineers and why is engineering important. This is achieved by means of an interactive and practical set of activities designed to promote team work, problem solving and group discussion.

The first two activities require a classroom with computer and projector and takes 80-90 minutes, the third ideally requires a hall or large space and takes 60-75 minutes. This workshop can be delivered to two classes on the same day (part 1 and 2 before break to Class A, part 1 and 2 to Class B after break and part 3 after lunch all together in a hall or large space)

The workshops are delivered for free and on school premises but in agreeing to participate schools must agree to allow a small piece of research to be carried out (requires no personal data, preparation or follow up work). This research is in the form of a paper based questionnaire completed by each participant before and after the workshop and a third either one month, three months or six months after the workshop.

If you are interested in your school being considered for this opportunity or to ask any questions please contact Dr Kerry Baker k.baker@qmul.ac.uk


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