UK Student Recruitment blog 2015

Jack-o-lanterns on Halloween © Wildcat Dunny via Flickr Our Top 5 Halloween Events in London!
29 October 2015

With Halloween around the corner and festivities well under way, we thought we’d produce a guide to fill you in on some fun events happening throughout the city.

Simone Fattouche, final year law student, speaking about her startup, Billhive, at the Careers & Enterprise event. © Carolyn Minaudo Postgraduate Study Series III: Career Guidance
15 September 2015

Regardless of your reasons for choosing postgraduate study, upon graduation you’ll likely be looking to start a career, even if your reasons for choosing further study were to delay this inevitability a little longer! The final post in our postgraduate series explores the career resources available through Careers & Enterprise Service, who provide careers information, advice and guidance to all students within Queen Mary University. I recently attended an event celebrating their success in helping students and thought it would be useful to share some insight.

Welcome to Queen Mary University: A Guide to Freshers Activities
3 September 2015

Congratulations on getting into Queen Mary! As one of the top Universities in the UK and joint first in London for student satisfaction, we’re sure the next few years will be a really exciting time in your life.

© Twitter @futureQMUL How Social Media can shape your Student Experience (Part 2)
29 July 2015

Just as Universities are engaging students through social media channels, students can particularly benefit from social media for academic aid and career advancement!

How Social Media can shape your Student Experience (Part 1)
21 July 2015

It is no secret that social media has changed the way we communicate with one another. No longer are we just sharing our personal pictures, opinions and experiences; professional organisations have quickly discovered that social media is a powerful tool to reach a larger audience. In particular, Universities are using social media to engage with students, especially prospective students and their parents who are looking for insights into the campus culture. Today’s blog post will discuss the main social media platforms Queen Mary uses (for a complete list please check out our social media directory!).

© QMUL Flickr Postgraduate Study Series: II, How will I fund a postgraduate degree?
7 July 2015

As we previously looked at the benefits of a postgraduate degree and the advantages to studying at Queen Mary, we will now explore available funding resources.  

Ground Cafe on campus © Carolyn Minaudo A Day in the Life of a Queen Mary Student
25 June 2015

In this blog post I’d like to share with you my typical day as a Queen Mary student.  

© QMUL Flickr Why Postgraduate Study?
15 June 2015

In today’s workforce, 11% or over two million people have a postgraduate degree, compared with just 4% or 600,000 sixteen years ago. This nearly tripling in postgraduate study has led to a better-educated workforce, added value to the economy, and reflects a growing demand for expertise in certain sectors, such as science, technology, engineering and maths. The Sutton Trust noted this surge in postgraduate qualifications has made it more difficult for those with a primary degree to stand out. Their report reveals that someone with a Master’s degree can on average expect to earn £5,000 more a year, or £200,000 more over a 40 year working life. In terms of long-term financial rewards, a postgraduate degree can be seen as an investment into your future, but what other benefits does it offer students?  

© Elizabeth Thomas Why study German at Queen Mary?
9 June 2015

I am a final year German Studies student at Queen Mary, University of London. Having started at Queen Mary in 2011 I now feel is the time to review why Queen Mary is such a great university to study German at. “Ich kann es nur empfehlen!”

© Queen Mary Harry Potter Society Getting involved at Queen Mary!
3 June 2015

Extra curricular involvement is the perfect way to make friends outside of your programme, develop an array of employability skills, and most importantly, have fun! The Students’ Union at Queen Mary is the hub for student activities, and offers over 200 different student societies across every interest imaginable. Here is some of what they offer by category:

© Carolyn Minaudo Visit us at our Undergraduate Open Days!
20 May 2015

Visiting us at an Open Day is the perfect opportunity to see our campus and learn what student life is like at Queen Mary. It’s an opportunity to experience where you could be spending the next few years studying, and talk to academics and current students. So if you have an offer to study at Queen Mary or are interested in applying, we highly recommend attending!

© Carolyn Minaudo Living on campus at Queen Mary!
12 May 2015

For many students, going to University means moving away from home for the first time. It’s an exciting experience, which allows you to gain independence and possibly develop an appreciation for all the times your parents cooked and cleaned up after you!

© Carolyn Minaudo Experiencing University
6 May 2015

Today I will be writing about the personal growth and development you undergo whilst in University. Throughout maintaining a rigorous academic schedule, you are also transitioning into adulthood: developing new interests, building relationships and discovering more about yourself. It’s both exciting and daunting because it can provide the opportunity to move away from home, live in a different city and meet new people. But through all of this, University provides a powerful platform to embark on a new adventure. I will share with you the experiences I have learned throughout my adventures and hopefully by the end of it, you will be excited to start your own.

© Elizabeth Thomas So you want to work abroad?
30 April 2015

For many, planning a year abroad and searching for a work placement may seem like a daunting task; competition amongst applicants is fierce, fewer companies are advertising placements and writing a CV in another language can seem like a mind field- but fear not, the application process does not have to be as unnerving as you may think!

Personally, I always knew that I wanted to do a work placement; the idea of financial and personal independence was something that had always appealed to me, in addition to meeting new colleagues whilst gaining invaluable language skills and international work experience, which would also look great on my CV. For me, a work placement was the ideal choice! 

When planning and eventually applying for a work placement, I found it imperative to be methodical, organised, yet realistic. Likewise, it is just as important not to lose your head when times are tough, or if you are as unfortunate enough to receive a rejection.

Here I have compiled my Seven Key Tips in order to help you find and apply for a work placement on your year abroad. Hopefully my own personal experience of the process will help to steer you in the right direction for landing you your dream job abroad! Viel Glück!  

© Carolyn Minaudo Tired of (East) London, Tired of Life
23 April 2015

For those of you unfamiliar with the geographic location of Queen Mary, its main campus is at Mile End, in vibrant East London, which spans the north eastern part of the city. Whether or not you choose to live in East London while studying, it’s definitely worth exploring. As an East London resident myself, I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the top five things to do in this part of the city, in no particular order. If you have anything to contribute to this list, please comment below!