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Queen Mary Summer School

Chinese Language and Culture Level 2


The course is suitable for false beginners in Mandarin Chinese.

Learners are exposed to listening and reading items to develop their understanding, and participate in speaking and writing activities designed to develop their fluency and accuracy in both media. The overall desired outcome is for learners to deal comfortably, confidently and competently at a basic level with the language required to cope effectively with a range of circumstances and situations.

The syllabus is liberally supplemented with authentic and original recorded and textual material, designed to enhance the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing against a backdrop of a carefully designed and progressive grammar syllabus.

By the end of the module, learners will be able to read simple texts in Chinese Mandarin (particularly related to current affairs), they will also be able to understand simple spoken texts and have a basic general discussion about a variety of topics.

Download course syllabus: SUM403E Chinese Language and Culture II_2020 [PDF 151KB]

Course content is subject to change.

Course aims

The overall aims are for learners to develop a sound foundation in Mandarin Chinese alongside an ability to approach communication in the language in a confident and competent manner.

The first aim is for learners move from basic knowledge to greater proficiency, demonstrating an ability to understand and analyse simple written and spoken texts, such as news (newspapers, TV) or brief reports. In brief, the course builds on the learners’ foundations in Mandarin, enabling them to progress to higher levels fairly independently and providing them with the tools to communicate in everyday situations relating to practical matters as well as in professional situations.

The second aim is develop learners’ ability to operate practically and effectively in the target language in each of the four main skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Learners are exposed to authentic language as well as specifically prepared texts, both audio and written, and have the opportunity to produce language through tasks designed to build confidence and competence at every stage. Both accuracy and fluency are valued, and so grammar and structure are an integral part of the course. These elements are not taught in isolation, but within an overall framework which trains learners to use appropriate grammar and structure for the specific language purpose and function required.

Course objectives:


  • Take part in conversations and discussions which contain unpredictable elements.
  • Express ideas and opinions about familiar topics.
  • Speak with fluency, good intonation and accuracy using the appropriate register when talking about familiar topics.
  • Speak using a variety of tenses.


  • Understand language in which opinions and different points of view are argued.
  • Use context to understand unfamiliar language.
  • Use context to understand unfamiliar language.


  • Understand longer texts which contain unfamiliar language, inferring the meaning from context. (E.g. Emails, brochures, magazine articles..)
  • Understand texts that express abstract ideas as well as facts and opinions.
  • Extract general and specific information from a wide range of material.


  • Write longer texts using language with which you are familiar and about familiar topics, including future and past events.
  • Express ideas and opinions on familiar topics.
  • Write more accurately.

Teaching and learning

Learning outcomes

  • To achieve effective communication in Mandarin Chinese at level A2 CEFR with competent speakers of the language.
  • To exploit, for a variety of purposes, a range of materials, written and spoken, in Mandarin Chinese.
  • To demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the structures and registers of Mandarin Chinese.
  • To demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and society gained through the study of basic written and aural texts and other cultural products in the target language.

You will be able to

  • Analyse aspects of the target language and make use of them in a broadly professional context.
  • Gather and process information related to Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture from a variety of paper, audiovisual and electronic sources and communicate this information, both orally and in writing.
  • Use ICT effectively both as a means of communication and as an aid to learning.
  • Demonstrate some ability as an independent learner of the language in order to take further the study of Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture.


The Queen Mary Summer School costs: £1,700 per session, which includes tution and some events on the social programme. 

We offer a 10% discount to:

  • Students and staff from partner institutions
  • Alumni
  • Current Queen Mary students 


The cost of accommodation is £670 per session. For further information, please visit our  page.

Additional costs and course excursions

There may be additional costs for field trips, such as entry to exhibitions, which will be in the region of £10-20. All reading material will be provided online, so it is not necessary to purchase any books.

Please note there is no deposit payment required for the Queen Mary Summer School.

Entry requirements

To join our Summer School, you should have completed a minimum of two semesters’ study at your home institution.

We welcome Summer School students from around the world. We accept a range of qualifications:

  • if your home institution uses the four-point Grade Point Average (GPA) scale, we usually require a 3.0 GPA
  • if your home institution uses the letter scale, you will need to have a B+

We welcome international qualifications and we consider every application individually on its academic merit.

English language requirements

All of our courses are taught and assessed in English. If English isn’t your first language, you must meet one of the following English Language requirements in order to join the Queen Mary Summer School:

  • If you hold a degree from a majority English speaking country plus Canada you may use this degree to satisfy the English language requirements for entry, provided the degree was completed no more than 5 years before the start date of the course to which you are applying.
  • IELTS, 7 overall or higher
  • TOEFL Internet Based Test we require a minimum of 100 (L22; S25; R24; W27)
  • UEE (University Entrance Exam) - 110
  • CET 4 - 550 or CET 6 - 490
  • PTE Academic 68
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English 185 70- grade C (old marking system)Applicants with an alternative qualification should check it is equivalent to the above or contact us at

How to apply

Have a question? Get in touch, one of the team will be happy to help. 


Teaching dates
Summer School 2020
Course hours
150 hours (of which 45 contact hours)
In class test - 2 hours Coursework- 150 words Oral assessment and presentation- 10 minutes

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