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The Values of Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has an explicit Purpose, defined in our institutional Strategy: Queen Mary University of London is dedicated to the public good, pursuing the creation and dissemination of knowledge to the highest international standards, thereby transforming wider society and the lives of our students and staff.

The values of our institution are fundamental to this Purpose, and to our six Strategic Aims.

This summary of our values has been informed by extensive consultation with our staff and students during the development of our institutional Strategy, which was published in 2014. It was clear from that consultation that QMUL has a strong sense of identity and a deeply-held commitment to social justice.

QMUL’s Values

Our values shape and influence all that we do, guiding our activities and behaviour. They underpin our Strategy and will inform other key developments and policies for the institution.

  • We act with integrity and to the highest ethical standards in all that we do.

QMUL and its staff commit to operating ethically across the full range of our activities, reflecting the best traditions of this institution and the wider sector and protecting the future reputation of both.

  • We adhere unequivocally to our fundamental academic mission.

Our purpose is to create and disseminate knowledge to the highest standards. QMUL staff and students support this objective through their various activities, reinforced by our commitment to freedom of expression within the law and unimpeded by political or other transient opinions.

  • We promote a strong collegial community through openness, listening, and co-operation.

Our students and staff value the open and supportive nature of QMUL, which helps promote their achievements and welfare. We will continue to involve staff in decision-making and we will communicate strategic decisions as promptly and effectively as possible.

  • We are diverse and inclusive, recognising talent and nurturing the best and brightest, regardless of background.

We have a proud record of nurturing and supporting the best and brightest of students, and the most talented staff, regardless of social or economic background. A continued adherence to this tradition will be at the core of our future development.

  • We support and engage with our local community, and more widely with London, the UK and internationally.

We are proud of our location in central and east London and we will continue to be engaged with our local communities and partners. We are also mindful that our reach extends beyond our immediate locality and that we therefore support social and economic development in the rest of London, the UK and internationally.

  • We foster innovation and creativity, responding to new opportunities to further our academic ambitions and our wider Purpose.

QMUL’s staff and students have an entrepreneurial spirit and this will be nurtured and supported. We will develop agile and imaginative responses to new opportunities to further our academic ambitions and to improve society.

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