Student Experience, Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Summary of strategic aims

The College Strategy has three aims related to SETLA.

Strategic Aim 1

To recruit students and staff of the highest intrinsic talent and potential, and to nurture their careers.

Strategic Aim 3

To provide all our students, wherever based, an education that is judged internationally to be of the highest quality, and which exploits innovations in teaching, learning and assessment.

Strategic Aim 4

To embed an international dimension in all QMUL activities and further enhance our stature as a leading global university.

The SETLA Strategy will contribute to the achievement/implementation of those aims by

  1. Ensuring a high quality learning experience for all students through:
    • The quality of the teaching and feedback to students
    • The design of the curriculum and its assessments
    • Encouraging opportunities for multidisciplinary and international study
    • The standard of the facilities for teaching and learning
    • The teaching and learning resources available to staff and students
  2. Supporting students’ achievement through all stages of their educational, personal and professional development by:
    • Providing outreach activities to widen participation
    • Supporting ‘fair access’ initiatives
    • Providing academic advising and pastoral support to maximise student engagement and retention
    • Encouraging a broad range of extra-curricular cultural and social activities
    • Enhancing student employability through curricular and extra-curricular opportunities and advice.
    • Encouraging former students (alumni) to continue engaging with the QMUL community
  3. Developing staff excellence in teaching and student support
    • Providing training and staff development opportunities related to teaching, academic support and pastoral support for all staff
    • Ensuring that all staff delivering academic programmes are active in scholarly activities

It is clear from the last four years that the College Key Performance Indicators have had a powerful influence on planning and monitoring progress and so the SETLA targets have been carefully chosen to encourage sustainable improvements in quality. In some cases, they are identical to the College targets, but often they cover a broader range of measurements and generally aim to include at least one appropriate student-measured aspect based on student engagement or satisfaction. It is intended that all areas of Professional Services, as well as academic schools and institutes, will identify metrics appropriate for charting progress in their activities.

The new Queen Mary Student Survey (QMSS) is a key tool for achieving this and the questions are available at: http://

This will be run annually in October for all returning students. The remainder of this document details the specific aims and objectives related to SETLA, and indicates how we will measure our progress towards their realisation.

Note on Complementary Strategies

There are currently a number of ‘sub-strategies’ that have been developed in the last few years which are relevant and need to be incorporated into the new plans. These include the widening participation strategy (objective 2.1), the Access Agreement targets (objective 2.2), the retention and success strategy (objective 2.3), the employability strategy (objective 2.5) and the library strategy (objective 1.4).