Research Strategy

Strategic Aim 1

QMUL recognizes that the nature of its research environment is the most essential element in fostering the best research, and we will work to maintain the most inspiring and supportive such environment.


1 QMUL will continue to be a university based on a broad range of disciplines, ensuring a healthy balance of research and teaching, and investing to strengthen established and successful areas as well as in emerging areas of excellence, including targeted research in thematic areas where opportunities arise

2 QMUL recognises the importance of research autonomy, flexibility and independence

3 QMUL will foster its research centres and institutes, ensuring that they have the necessary support for their activities, and encouraging and supporting their innovations


4 A healthy diversity of sources of research funding underpins the long‐term sustainability of research. QMUL will monitor and direct resources appropriately to foster such diversity

Indicators of Progress
QMUL will be in the top ten (top 15 for EPSRC, NERC, ESRC) funded universities for each of the major UK Research Councils by 2018/19.
Research grant income per academic will be in the top ten amongst UK Higher Education Institutions (HEI) by 2018/19
QMUL will diversify its research income so that more than half arises from outside the UK public purse by 2018/19, in particular through an increase in European Union funding.
UK Research Council grant success rates for QMUL will match the median for Russell Group institutions, with similar success rates for other major funding agencies, by 2018/19.

5 QMUL will coordinate annual research reviews with Schools and Institutes, enabling them to monitor and evaluate their research strategies


6 QMUL recognises the essential contributions to the research environment made by postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers and will support measures to ensure that appropriate numbers of such researchers are hosted here and given the support needed for success in their degrees and careers.

Indicators of Progress
The number of PhD students will increase by 50% by 2018/19
The numbers of independently funded Research Fellows will increase by 100% by 2018/19
The numbers of Postdoctoral researchers will increase by 50% by 2018/19

7 QMUL will ensure that investments as a whole promote the overall financial sustainability of the institution, whilst recognizing the value of research reputation and the disparity between direct income from research as compared with teaching.