Research Strategy

Strategic Aim 7

The career development of our researchers and the advancement of their horizons is key to ensuring the realisation of their full potential.


1 QMUL will strengthen and deliver research leadership development and training as part of its researcher development programme

2 QMUL will enhance its encouragement of its researchers to develop their careers and to increase significantly our influence on high‐level policy through representation on key decision‐making and grant‐awarding bodies, and engagement with decision makers in every part of public life

3 We will further develop our programme of researcher development for all new research staff, maintaining its responsiveness to their needs

4 QMUL will continue to advance the Concordat to Support the Development of Researchers by agreeing mentoring and other mechanisms to ensure that research careers at QMUL are appropriately fostered


5 We will support and grow our Doctoral College, providing the necessary resources to enable it to review the progress of our aims concerning PhD and postdoctoral research, oversee the development of a cohort of PhD and postdoctoral researchers and provide developmental and social events that enhance their environment

Indicators of Progress
The number of PhD students will increase by 50% by 2018/19

6 QMUL will apply and monitor a programme of regular assessments in order to support the progression and completion of PhD students

Indicators of Progress
PhD submission rates within 4 years (or 7 years for part-time studentships) will exceed 90% of those progressing beyond first year, by 2018/19

7 We will further develop and deliver an appropriate postgraduate research skills training programme for all our doctoral candidates, including support for employability

8 We will provide high‐quality supervision training for new academic staff and offer regular refresher sessions for existing staff