Strategy 2014

Public Engagement

Strategic Aim 5: to achieve maximum impact from our academic work through public engagement and partnerships with businesses, government, charities, cultural organisations, and others in the wider community.

The definition of a university’s role as the combination of knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination allows full acknowledgement of the importance of a range of exchange and dissemination routes (beyond teaching) as desirable academic activities. Building on the enhanced academic stature of QMUL and the opportunities provided by our London location, we will harness the skills and energy of our students and staff to develop further our engagement with the public and our interactions with business, government, charities and the cultural sector, in order to underpin joint projects for mutual or wider benefit.

Just as our dissemination activities are informed by our research, so we expect aspects of our research to be enhanced by our public engagement activities. Dissemination of research outcomes via explicit commercial exploitation has been presented under Strategic Aim 2.

We recognise the defining and differentiating characteristic of QMUL as an institution equally committed to the achievement of the highest international standards in education and research, and to the service of its local communities through public engagement and the promotion of opportunity to individuals less favoured by financial or social background. And we make commitments to the individuals and organisations we serve and with whom we work.

Professor Simon Gaskell, Principal

Many of our engagement activities will be co-ordinated through the Centre for Public Engagement. The Centre will champion the importance and effectiveness of academic- led engagement and will support these initiatives through network and training opportunities. It will also develop models to ensure the sustainability of engagement projects and collaborative initiatives.

We will also ensure the conversion of our work to public benefit via a variety of other mechanisms, such as:

  • Leadership of Creativeworks London, a major Knowledge Exchange Hub for the creative economy.
  • Queen Mary BioEnterprises, London’s largest incubator for early stage life science companies.
  • Links with companies, including small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Local community initiatives.

We will harness and support the enthusiasm and imagination of our student entrepreneurs – both commercial and social – through initiatives such as start-up funding schemes and by providing enterprise space and support through our advice centre, Qube. We will enhance opportunities for student entrepreneurs to learn from and network with external business experts, alumni and Queen Mary Innovation Ltd.


Queen Mary is currently going through consultation on a new public engagement strategy, which will be unveiled later in 2016. You can follow updates on its progress through the Centre for Public Engagement newsletter.


5.1 Confirm QMUL’s position as a leading institution for public engagement in the UK.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement ChartermarkQMUL within the first tranche of institutions to receive the Chartermark.

5.2 Build an enhanced programme of public engagement, enabling a broader appreciation of QMUL’s work in knowledge creation and dissemination, and providing opportunities for students and staff to develop new engagement skill

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of staff and students attending public engagement training courses200% increase by 18/19

5.3 Encourage the aspirations of school-age students to attend university and provide support to help them realise these ambitions.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of school students directly engaged in QMUL outreach activity (as defined by our OFFA Access Agreement).2,000 school students benefitting by 18/19

5.4 Provision of opportunities and guidance for both undergraduate and postgraduate student entrepreneurs to exploit innovative ideas in commercial products or services.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of individual students using entrepreneur support services100% increase by 18/19
Increase in number of student businesses still trading two years after receipt of QMUL enterprise funding