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Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine


Sima Padbod

"The course has been an excellent experience, opening up great learning opportunities and future career development. I started the course full-time, working part-time in NHS and private practice in London, shortly after arriving in the UK as an international student. The unique multidisciplinary nature of the course really broaden my insight as a clinician. Great course modules and content both in theory and practical presented by the experts on top of their field. The many clinical observations in various settings from professional sports to multidisciplinary clinics provided excellent exposure to sports and exercise medicine clinical implications and future career pathway. I have been employed in Space Clinics in Edinburgh straight after the completion of the course. Space Clinic is a private sports physiotherapy clinic which also covers services to many Scottish professional/elite individual athletes and teams."

Timothy Yu

"The Sports and Exercise Medicine Masters at Queen Mary University of London has allowed me to expand my role as a GP to doing some in-house Sports Medicine clinics by giving me further knowledge, experience and networks. This course has also given me the opportunity to work as club doctor at Southend FC, and many other colleagues from the course have gone on to secure other roles in professional elite sport. I have been able to further my own interest in Parkour and was recently appointed to the role of Chief Medical Officer, helping to oversee research projects, first aid development, anti-doping and more." 

Vicann During

"Undertaking my MSc significantly improved my clinical skills and I had the opportunity to learn from all of my fellow students and lecturers alike to make me a better clinician. The MSc helped me to find sports work soon after completion and since then I have gone on to work in a variety of sports settings. Currently I work at the FA and at London Irish rugby alongside work in Musculoskeletal outpatient clinics."

Helen van Kempen (Physio SEM MSc 2014-15)

"The Masters course at Queen Mary's really gave me the foundations of Sports Medicine I needed to go and work in elite sport. Before the masters I had worked with some local and national sports teams and since graduating in 2015, I got my first full-time job in elite sport, working for Wasps Rugby Club with their Academy players. After 2 seasons there I got a job with British Athletics and have had the opportunity to travel with the team and be a part of multiple international competitions, including; European, Commonwealth and World Championships. The SEM masters course really helped to escalate my skill set to be able to get these opportunities in professional sport."

Emma Barnes (MSK Podiatrist)

"I would really recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their career and improve their skills and practice in sports medicine. Very hands-on, with a focus on practical skills that you will begin to put in to practice almost immediately."

Paul Khoury (SEM Manager, Sri Lanka Cricket)

"This course provides an excellent foundation to build your vocation in high-performance Sport & Exercise Medicine. The curriculum offers a broad range of modules which enables you to focus your professional development and reach your desired career goals. The quality of lecturers and experiential learning is world-leading. I highly recommend this course to all prospective students."

Jane Simpson

"I was a qualified general practitioner when I undertook the MSc full time (1-year course). One of the key features of the course at QMUL was the high quality of lecturers involved - many of which were significant figures in the world of sports medicine. The contacts made and opportunities that arose during the course were extremely useful. Since completing the course I have worked as the Club doctor for Millwall FC and doctor for England Women's U15 football team."

Jack Healy

"I would highly recommend the QMUL Sports & Exercise Medicine MSc for any doctor interested in pursuing a career in the field. There was an excellent mix of research and clinical medicine, and a balance of sports-specific modules as well as public health-related modules on the benefits of exercise for the wider population. There is a good integration of different specialities, giving students exposure to the multidisciplinary approach used in SEM. Staff are supportive and friendly, and always willing to help."  

Michael Harrison

"The Sports Med MSc at QMUL is a brilliant course. It has allowed me to develop as a sports physician both academically and clinically. There are great opportunities throughout the course to meet people from a variety of sporting and professional backgrounds which definitely enhances the learning experience. Through doing the course I believe it has given me the platform and skills to go and confidently work within the field of sports medicine but also given me the contacts to help achieve this." 

Helen Carter-Roberts

"I would highly recommend the Sports & Exercise Medicine iBSc at QMUL for any medical student considering pursuing a career in SEM. The course was a good balance between elite sport, management of injuries, and how beneficial exercise can be from a public health focus for prevention and management of chronic diseases. The teaching and support from staff when conducting our systematic reviews and research projects was also of a very high level. It has provided me with good understanding and ability to become more involved in more research during medical school."

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