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Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine

Dr Stuart Miller


Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medicine and WHRI Academic Lead for EDI

Centre: Sports and Exercise Medicine

Telephone: +44 20 7882 6156
Twitter: @Stuart_Miller


Having joined the Sport and Exercise Medicine group in 2018, my academic background is primarily within biomechanics, physiology and statistics. I graduated from Bath University (BSc Sport and Exercise Science) before completing my PhD at Brunel University (entitled “Mechanical factors affecting the estimation of tibialis anterior force using an EMG-driven modelling approach”). I have also been a fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2012.

In sport, I have recently retired from coaching American Football where I spent ten years coaching the GB Men’s team through two European Championships, alongside coaching London Blitz, winning one European Club Championship and three National Championships.

At QMUL, I currently manage our Human Performance Lab, alongside teaching biomechanics, and providing statistical support to students and the SEM team. 

Module leader for:

  • Biomechanics and Rehabilitation (iBSc module)
  • Research Methods (MSc module)
  • Research Project (MSc module) 

Medical pathway coordinator for the MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine.


Research Interests:

My research is focused broadly on understanding more about how the human body works, focusing on movement and control (“dexterity”) from a neuro-musculo-skeletal perspective. In doing so, I take two observation points; (1) the localised joint-system of a uni- or bi-articulating joint set-up and (2) the global whole-body system.

Being part of the sport and exercise team at QMUL has allowed me to get a greater application of my research within specific populations with injuries and/or diseases. Currently, I am researching tendinopathy, knee injuries, and post-traumatic osteoarthritis.


  • Tibialis anterior moment arm: effects of measurement errors and assumptions, SC Miller, T Korff, C Waugh, F Fath, AJ Blazevich (2015), Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 47 (2), 428-439
  • Range of motion, neuromechanical, and architectural adaptations to plantar flexor stretch training in humans, Anthony John Blazevich, Dale Cannavan, Charlie M Waugh, Stuart C Miller, Jonas B Thorlund, Per Aagaard, Anthony David Kay (2014), Journal of Applied Physiology 117 (5), 452-462 
  • Neuromuscular factors influencing the maximum stretch limit of the human plantar flexors, AJ Blazevich, D Cannavan, CM Waugh, F Fath, SC Miller, AD Kay (2012), Journal of Applied Physiology 113 (9), 1446-1455
  • Direct comparison of in vivo Achilles tendon moment arms obtained from ultrasound and MR scans., F Fath, AJ Blazevich, CM Waugh, SC Miller, T Korff. (2010), Journal of applied physiology 109 (6), 1644-1652
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