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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Zhongsheng Wei


Research Student

Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 214


1st Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Phillips
2nd Supervisor: Dr. Martin Dove

Project Title: Understanding NTE in Network Structures.
Project Description:

It is our common sense that materials will expand when heated, however, some materials don’t obey this rule. On the contrary, they shrink when heated, and this phenomenon is what we called negative thermal expansion (NTE). Though a number of great articles over the past decade in this field focus on the materials chemistry side of NTE materials, the mechanism of NTE become the subject of a growing quantity of studies. My project works on the mechanism of NTE in network materials.

To easily explain why those phonons in NTE materials lead to NTE rather than positive thermal expansion, we introduce a mechanism called tension effect. And there is a model called rigid unit mode which can explain the tension effect in some network structures like framework structures consisting of polyhedral. I study zeolites as the first step, and SmB6 will be the next material for me to work on.


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