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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Rebeca Martinez Carrillo


Research Student

Telephone: 0207 882 5769
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 504


1st Supervisor: Dr Karim Malik
2nd Supervisor: Dr Christopher Clarkson

Project Title: Initial Conditions for Cosmological Simulations.

Project Description:

At sufficiently large scales our Universe is homogeneous and isotropic. However, this distribution of galaxies that we observe today is the result of 13.8 billion years of evolution. The standard cosmological model today is the ΛCDM model, this model explains the large scales of the Universe (100 Mpc) but it has some problems explaining the small scales. Cosmological N-body simulations have proved to be a powerful tool to study small scales which are nonlinear, and particular Dark Matter models, that could affect the structure formation in small scales. A key ingredient in the cosmological simulations are the initial conditions, depending on the initial conditions the simulations could match observations and give us a better insight of the composition of the Universe.


Examples of research funding:

CONACyT Mexico

Queen Mary University of London 

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