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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Ricardo Stark-Muchao


Research Student

Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 602


1st Supervisor: Dr. Ricardo Monteiro
2nd Supervisor: Dr. Gabriele Travaglini

Project Title: Worldsheet Models of Quantum Field Theory.
Project Description:

My project focusses on a new approach of describing quantum field theory (QFT), primarily with the purpose of calculating scattering amplitudes, which is inspired by string theory. This approach uses a new class of theories called ambitwistor strings, which look like string theories but actually represent a well-known class of perturbative massless QFT's. Whilst these are formulated as two-dimensional conformal field theories (as in string theory) they do not possess an infinite tower of massive states, but only a massless spectrum under quantisation. This formulation provides a natural extension of some remarkably efficient techniques found at tree-level for this class of QFT's to loop-level, and even for more physical theories. 

There are many open questions on this subject; such as how the all-loop expansion works, what class of theories this formulation describes, how this can make practical calculations more efficient, what further quantities can be calculated aside from scattering amplitudes, and of course what the connection to string theory is. Furthermore, it is possible that ambitwistor strings can shed some light on the connection between different theories such as gauge theory and gravity, and give a new interpretation to the notion of the double copy. The aim of my project will be to explore some of these questions, as well as others that are currently present in this topic of research.



Examples of research funding:

The Royal Society