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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Jorge Luis Fuentes Venegas

Jorge Luis Fuentes

Research Student

Telephone: 0207 882 5769
Room Number: G.O. Jones Building, Room 504


1st Supervisor: Dr Karim A Malik
2nd Supervisor: Dr Timothy Clifton

Project Title: Relativistic Second Order Effects in Cosmology.
Project Description:

Next generation of cosmological surveys will map the universe to extremely high precision and may be sensitive to a variety of subtle nonlinear relativistic effects, most of which have not been analyzed, we are developing theoretical descriptions of these effects to second order in Cosmological Perturbation Theory to explain these effects.

These corrections could be significant since the prediction of linear perturbation theory can be off up to 20% when all relativistic effects are taken into account. Accurately quantifying these corrections is important for the precise modeling required for large-scale surveys.


Examples of research funding:

Studentship funded by Queen Mary University of London.

CONACYT (Mexican Council of Science and Technology) Scholarship.


Gravitational waves in a flat radiation-matter universe including anisotropic stress.