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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Chen Lyu


Research Student

Telephone: 020 7882 6568
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 214


1st Supervisor: Professor. William Gillin
2nd Supervisor: Professor. David Dunstan

Project Title: Luminesces organic materials based on Lanthanide ions.
Project Description:

Lanthanide ions such as erbium, neodymium and ytterbium with sharp infrared light emission and long lifetime have a great potential in population inversion materials, optical amplifiers and biology sensors. However, these ions are weak light absorber and highly sensitive to C-H and O-H quenching. By synthesis lanthanide ions with fully fluorinated organic ligand and incorporate them with organic chromophore, we can potentially make the materials have a high quantum yield and excite them with a low pump energy which is crucial to make optical amplifier and laser devices.

My research is focused on neodymium and ytterbium. lanthanide organics are evaporated under high vacuum to make hundreds nanometer thick film on glass substrate. The optical characteristics are measured by time-resolved photoluminesces(PL).


Examples of research funding:

China Scholarship Council (CSC)