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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Callum Boocock


Research Student

Telephone: 0207 882 3431
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 502


1st Supervisor: Dr David Tsiklauri
2nd Supervisor: Dr David Burgess

Project Title: Solar coronal active region dynamics 3D modelling.

Project Description:

The temperature of the sun's surface or photosphere is ~6000 K whereas the temperature of the corona further away from the surface is 2-3 ·10 6 K, this is the Coronal Heating Problem. It is generally accepted that the corona is heated by a magnetic mechanism. Alfvén waves are magnetic waves that are easy to excite and are a good vehicle for transporting energy to the corona but they are notoriously difficult to dissipate due to the low viscosity and resistivity of the corona. 

The purpose of my research is to identify and investigate the feasibility of enhanced dissipation mechanisms for magnetic energy release by Alfvén waves in active solar regions. To achieve this magnetohydrodynamic, multi-fluid and kinetic numerical simulation codes with 3D potential field extrapolations from ATST and SDO HMI magnetogram data, based on Green's function algorithms, will be used. This should give us an insight into wave dissipation versus reconnection coronal heating debate. The project makes extensive use of QMUL and DiRAC HPC facilities and is very data and CPU intensive.


Examples of research funding:

Science & Technologies Facilities Council (STFC)

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