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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Bill Wright


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Telephone: 0207 882 5769
Room Number: GO Jones room 504


I am a postdoc at QMUL working within the “Probing Gravity on Non-linear Scales" programme led by Tessa Baker. I am interested in understanding the scale-dependence of structure growth in modified gravity and using redshift-space distortions to probe this to constrain specific and parameterised MG models.

I did my PhD at the ICG supervised by Kazuya Koyama, Gong-Bo Zhao, and David Wands. The focus of my PhD was the effects of modified gravity and massive neutrinos on large-scale structure formation.

The inital task was to extend the COLA approach for simulating dark matter structure formation and the standard perturbation theory code MG-Copter to include the effects of both massive neutrinos and modified gravity. After this, I investigated whether redshift-space distortions can be used to distinguish between LCDM and modified gravity models in the presence of massive neutrinos.

I carried out my undergrad degree in Physics and Astronomy at Durham and was supervised by Baojiu Li for my final year project on the effect of modified gravity on the ability of Type Ia supernovae to act as standard candles.

In my spare time I like to play Ultimate Frisbee (yes, it is a real sport!), cook exciting food, and read sci-fi/fantasy novels.


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