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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Luca Franci


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Telephone: 0207 882 6571
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 220



    • Franci L, Papini E, Micera A et al. (2022), Anisotropic Electron Heating in Turbulence-driven Magnetic Reconnection in the Near-Sun Solar Wind $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Papini E, Del Sarto D et al. (2022), Plasma Turbulence in the Near-Sun and Near-Earth Solar Wind: A Comparison via Observation-Driven 2D Hybrid Simulations $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Papini E, Micera A et al. (2022), Anisotropic electron heating in turbulence-driven magnetic reconnection in the near-Sun solar wind $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Montagud-Camps V, Franci L et al. (2022), Ion-scale Transition of Plasma Turbulence: Pressure-Strain Effect $nameOfConference

    • Pitňa A, Šafránková J, Němeček Z et al. (2021), A novel method for estimating the intrinsic magnetic field spectrum of kinetic-range turbulence $nameOfConference

    • Papini E, Hellinger P, Verdini A et al. (2021), Properties of hall-mhd turbulence at sub-ion scales: Spectral transfer analysis $nameOfConference

    • Montagud-Camps V, Němec F, Šafránková J et al. (2021), Flattening of the density spectrum in compressible hall-mhd simulations $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Papini E, Verdini A et al. (2021), Spectral Transfer and Kármán-Howarth-Monin Equations for Compressible Hall Magnetohydrodynamics $nameOfConference

    • Papini E, Cicone A, Franci L et al. (2021), Spacetime Hall-MHD Turbulence at Sub-ion Scales: Structures or Waves? $nameOfConference

    • Verscharen D, Wicks RT, Alexandrova O et al. (2021), A Case for Electron-Astrophysics $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Verdini A, Landi S et al. (2021), Scale dependence and cross-scale transfer of kinetic energy in compressible hydrodynamic turbulence at moderate Reynolds numbers $nameOfConference

    • Stawarz JE, Matteini L, Parashar TN et al. (2021), Comparative Analysis of the Various Generalized Ohm's Law Terms in Magnetosheath Turbulence as Observed by Magnetospheric Multiscale $nameOfConference

    • Matteini L, Franci L, Alexandrova O et al. (2020), Magnetic Field Turbulence in the Solar Wind at Sub‐ion Scales: In Situ Observations and Numerical Simulations $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Del Sarto D, Papini E et al. (2020), Evidence of a "current-mediated" turbulent regime in space and astrophysical plasmas $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Stawarz JE, Papini E et al. (2020), Modeling MMS Observations at the Earth's Magnetopause with Hybrid Simulations of Alfvénic Turbulence $nameOfConference

    • Bandyopadhyay R, Sorriso-Valvo L, Chasapis A et al. (2020), In Situ Observation of Hall Magnetohydrodynamic Cascade in Space Plasma $nameOfConference

    • Trotta D, Franci L, Burgess D et al. (2020), Fast Acceleration of Transrelativistic Electrons in Astrophysical Turbulence $nameOfConference

    • Nakamura TKM, Stawarz JE, Hasegawa H et al. (2020), Effects of Fluctuating Magnetic Field on the Growth of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability at the Earth's Magnetopause $nameOfConference

    • Papini E, Cicone A, Piersanti M et al. (2020), Multidimensional iterative filtering: A new approach for investigating plasma turbulence in numerical simulations $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Papini E (2020), Turbulence and magnetic reconnection in low-beta plasmas $nameOfConference

    • Landi S, Franci L, Hellinger P et al. (2020), Turbulence spectral anisotropy and energy ow at ion scales $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Stawarz JE, Papini E et al. (2019), Modeling Kelvin-Helmholtz instability-driven turbulence with hybrid simulations of Alfvénic turbulence $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Cerri SS, Groselj D (2019), Kinetic plasma turbulence: recent insights and open questions from 3D3V simulations $nameOfConference

    • Pitna A, Safrankova J, Nemecek Z et al. (2019), Characteristics of Solar Wind Fluctuations at and below Ion Scales $nameOfConference

    • Verdini A, Grappin R, Alexandrova O et al. (2019), Three-dimensional local anisotropy of velocity fluctuations in the solar wind $nameOfConference

    • Stawarz JE, Eastwood JP, Phan TD et al. (2019), Properties of the Turbulence Associated with Electron-only Magnetic Reconnection in Earth's Magnetosheath $nameOfConference

    • Landi S, Franci L, Papini E et al. (2019), Spectral anisotropies in high resolution three-dimensional simulations $nameOfConference

    • Papini E, Franci L, Landi S et al. (2019), Can Hall Magnetohydrodynamics Explain Plasma Turbulence at Sub-ion Scales? $nameOfConference

    • Verdini A, Grappin R, Montagud-Camps V et al. (2019), Numerical simulations of high cross-helicity turbulence from 0.2 to 1 AU $nameOfConference

    • Papini E, Franci L, Landi S et al. (2019), Statistics of magnetic reconnection and turbulence in Hall-MHD and hybrid-PIC simulations $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Matteini L, Landi S et al. (2019), Turbulence versus Fire-hose Instabilities: 3D Hybrid Expanding Box Simulations $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Hellinger P, Guarrasi M et al. (2018), Three-Dimensional Simulations of Solar Wind Turbulence with the Hybrid Code CAMELIA $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Verdini A, Landi S et al. (2018), Von Kármán-Howarth Equation for Hall Magnetohydrodynamics: Hybrid Simulations $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Landi S, Verdini A et al. (2018), Solar Wind Turbulent Cascade from MHD to Sub-ion Scales: Large-size 3D Hybrid Particle-in-cell Simulations $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Cerri SS, Califano F et al. (2017), Magnetic Reconnection as a Driver for a Sub-ion-scale Cascade in Plasma Turbulence $nameOfConference

    • Pitňa A, Šafránková J, Němeček Z et al. (2017), Decay of Solar Wind Turbulence behind Interplanetary Shocks $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Landi S, Matteini L et al. (2017), Mirror Instability in the Turbulent Solar Wind $nameOfConference

    • Cerri SS, Franci L, Califano F et al. (2017), Plasma turbulence at ion scales: a comparison between particle in cell and Eulerian hybrid-kinetic approaches $nameOfConference


    • Franci L, Hellinger P, Matteini L et al. (2016), Two-dimensional hybrid simulations of kinetic plasma turbulence: Current and vorticity vs proton temperature $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Landi S, Matteini L et al. (2015), High-resolution hybrid simulations of kinetic plasma turbulence at proton scales $nameOfConference

    • Hellinger P, Matteini L, Landi S et al. (2015), PLASMA TURBULENCE and KINETIC INSTABILITIES at ION SCALES in the EXPANDING SOLAR WIND $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, Verdini A, Matteini L et al. (2015), Solar Wind Turbulence from MHD to Sub-ion Scales: High-resolution Hybrid Simulations $nameOfConference

    • Löffler F, De Pietri R, Feo A et al. (2015), Stiffness effects on the dynamics of the bar-mode instability of neutron stars in full general relativity $nameOfConference

    • De Pietri R, Feo A, Franci L et al. (2014), Neutron star instabilities in full general relativity using a Γ=2.75 ideal fluid $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, De Pietri R, Dionysopoulou K et al. (2013), Dynamical bar-mode instability in rotating and magnetized relativistic stars $nameOfConference

    • Franci L, De Pietri R, Dionysopoulou K et al. (2013), Bar-mode instability suppression in magnetized relativistic stars $nameOfConference

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