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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Joanna Borowiec


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Telephone: 020 7882 6063
Room Number: G.O. Jones Building, Room 404


Research Interests:

  • Fabrication, characterization and optimization of the position dependent organic detectors for neutrons and alpha particles detection.
  • Synthesis of 2 dimensional metal dichalcogenides, such as: MoS2 and ReS2 using wet chemical synthesis or chemical vapour deposition method, and their application for electronic devices construction, such as: light emitting diodes (LEDs) and memristors
  • Synthesis and characterization of transparent conducting oxides (TCOs), such as: metal doped ZnO nanoparticles and their application as conductive layers in LEDs
  • Study of the influence of structural modification of ZnO nanoparticles on the memristor device performance
  • Development of polymer hydrophobic coatings for surfaces protection, Research based on the collaboration with Hydro Safe Guard Co. Ltd., Lodz, Poland
  • Synthesis and characterization of magnetic properties of materials, such as: organic complexes, ferromagnetic composites of carbon nanotubes and 2 dimensional materials, Research based on the collaboration with Prof. F. S. Boi, College of Physics, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China



Fani Eirini Taifakou, Muhammad Ali, Joanna Borowiec, Xiaoqi Liu, Peter A. Finn, Christian B. Nielsen, Cozmin Timis, Tamsin Nooney, Adrian Bevan, aTheo Kreouzis, Solution-Processed Donor–Acceptor Poly(3-hexylthiophene):Phenyl-C61-butyric Acid Methyl Ester Diodes for Low-Voltage α Particle Detection, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 6470.


Joanna Borowiec, Mengren Liu, Weizheng Liang, Theo Kreouzis, Adrian J. Bevan, Yi He, Yao Ma, William P. Gillin, Experimental studies on the dynamic memcapacitance modulation of the ReO3@ReS2 composite material-based diode, Nanomaterials, 2020, 10, 2103.

Joanna Borowiec, Weizheng Liang, Filippo S. Boi, Yi He, Shan L. Wang, William P. Gillin, Aluminium promoted sulfidation of ammonium perrhenate: Presence of nanobattery in the ReS2 composite material based memcapacitor, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 392, 123745.


Omololu Odunmbaku, JiaChen Xia, Joanna Borowiec, Shanling Wang, Ayoub Taallah, Yi He, and Filippo S. Boi, Temperature driven magnetic transitions in FePd3 filled monolayer carbon foam and Fe3C/α-Fe filled carbon nanotubes, Journal of Applied Physics, 2019, 125, 024302.

Xiaoqing Guo, Qianxun Gong, Joanna Borowiec, Sijie Zhang, Shuo Han, Meng Zhang, Maureen Willis, Theo Kreouzis, Kui Yu, Energetics of nonradiative surface trap states in nanoparticles monitored by Time-of-Flight photoconduction measurements on nanoparticle–polymer blends, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2019, 1140, 37184.

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