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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Search for Magnetic Monopoles

Research Group: Particle Physics Research Centre
Length of Study in Years: 3.5
Full-time Project: yes


Discuss with supervisor and/or admissions tutor

Project Description

There are strong theoretical motivations for the existence of magnetic monopoles, however to date none have been observed. The LHC has a dedicated experiment searching for magnetic monopoles, MoEDAL, that has passive and active detector components. The QMUL group are working on applications of deep learning to the problem of searching for heavily ionising particles, including magnetic monopoles, on MoEDAL. There are opportunities for PhD students to work on this experiment.


A student working on this project will develop a broad range of skills from software development and image analysis. It is possible to work on hardware development and phenomenological studies as a part of the thesis. Prior programming experience in C++ or Python is desirable. Some travel to CERN, attending lectures, workshops and conferences is expected during the course of the PhD.

SPCS Academics: Adrian Bevan Jon Hays