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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Award of a £1.5M STFC Consolidated Grant to the Centre for Theoretical Physics

The Centre for Theoretical Physics has been awarded a £1.5M STFC Consolidated Grant.


The Centre for Theoretical Physics at QMUL has been awarded £1,477,965 by the Science and Technology Facilities Council to support its ambitious research programme, encompassing studies of amplitudes in gauge theory and gravity, applications to classical physics and gravitational waves, the double copy, scattering equations, string amplitudes, and phenomenology as well as holography, conformal and topological quantum field theory, algebraic aspects of quantum systems, black hole microstate counting, and integrability.

This grant will allow us to hire five postdoctoral research assistants, who will be working with academics and PhD students in the group from October 2023 to September 2026.



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