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School of Physics and Astronomy


SEPnet summer placements

Exclusive work placements for School of Physics and Astronomy students.

Every year, a number of physics and astronomy students chose to undertake specialist industrial placements in companies ranging in size from small startups to large multinationals. Typically around 20 School of Physics and Astronomy students take advantage of the exclusive work placements organised through SEPnet. These placements are coordinated by the School and we also support students in applying for placements.

Participating companies include small-medium enterprises operating in industries such as technology, energy and defence.  Larger companies operating in industries such as aerospace, engineering and research also offer internships as part of the scheme.


"I did a 3-month internship in a financial data company during the summer of my penultimate year. The experience was important because it taught me about life in the corporate world, which was the plan after university. The placement also benefited me in my current role as the experience helped secure the job and I knew some of the processes already." Touhid Hussein, Graduated 2015


Skinakas Observatory placements 

Using international research facilities, students on this placement will spend a month carrying out an extended research project in astrophysics at the Skinakas Observatory in Crete.

The project is excellent preparation for a PhD, though the skills developed, such as independent project work and problem solving, could be easily transferred into a range of careers.

Over the course of a month, students will carry out two observing runs at the observatory before applying advanced data analysis techniques with the astronomy group at the university of Heracleon. It is likely that the work carried out will form the basis of a contribution to published scientific papers.

This incredible opportunity is available to the top two* Astrophysics students academically each year and includes a living stipend plus travel and accommodation expenses.

*in terms of overall academic performance



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