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School of Physics and Astronomy

Theoretical Physics MSc

The QMUL Theoretical Physics MSc is now available for enrolment. Read on to find out more.

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MSc in Theoretical Physics 

As of this year, we have finished building an exciting in-house program that draws on our long tradition of pioneering work in field theory and string theory.

You can pursue either a 1-year degree with a three-month project or a 2-year Euromasters degree with a longer research project.

We offer a broad range of classes in quantum field theory—covering canonical quantisation, the Feynman path integral, renormalisation, non-perturbative methods, and supersymmetry—as well as classes in differential geometry, cosmology, and relativity. Given QMUL’s history as one of the birthplaces of superstring theory, we have fittingly completed our program by adding a class on strings and branes.

After taking these fantastic classes, you will have the opportunity to do a project with one of our fifteen resident theoretical physicists:  David Berman, Andreas Brandhuber, Matthew Buican, Michael Green, Ricardo Monteiro, Costis Papageorgakis, Malcolm Perry, Sanjaye Ramgoolam, Rodolfo Russo, Bill Spence, Steve Thomas, Gabriele Travaglini, David Vegh, Congkao Wen, and Chris White.

Our interests span all of theoretical physics, from scattering amplitudes to string theory, dualities, symmetries, condensed matter, black holes, and beyond.

The suggested deadline for application is: Aug. 31, 2020.

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For further questions about the program, please contact Rodolfo Russo ( regarding academic questions and Stefanie Hurrell ( for other information.


Video links:

Rodolfo Russo: Introduction to the Theory MSc and brief comments on string theory, black holes, and scattering amplitudes

Sanjaye Ramgoolam: Strings, Extra Dimensions, AdS/CFT, Permutations, and More

Matthew Buican: QFT and Symmetry

David Vegh: AdS/CFT, Black Hole Information Paradox, and More

Ricardo Monteiro: Scattering, Double Copy, and More