School of Physics and Astronomy

Searches for dark matter with the DarkSide experiment: results and perspectives

7 February 2019

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Speaker: Paolo Agnes (APC, France)

A big-bang relic population of WIMPs remains one of the most favored candidates for the yet-to-be-discovered dark matter. DarkSide uses dual-phase liquid argon Time Projection Chambers (TPCs) to search for WIMPs. The current phase of the experiment, DarkSide-50, consists of a 50-kg-active-mass TPC filled with argon from an underground source. The recent results of the experiment include a background free search for high-mass WIMPs (>10 GeV/c^2) and the world-leading exclusion limit for WIMPs with a mass between 2 and 6 GeV/c^2. I will discuss these recent results and the status of the future phase, DarkSide-20k. It will use a 20 tonne fiducial mass TPC, equipped with novel SiPM photosensors, and it is designed to attain unprecedented sensitivity while remaining free from any instrumental background. Slides: