School of Physics and Astronomy

Charge and CP asymmetries in B-hadron decays in top quark events with ATLAS

6 December 2018

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Speaker: Adele D’Onofrio, QMUL
Venue: G.O.Jones, room 410

The measurements focus on semileptonic top-antitop events where one of the W-bosons decays hadronically and the other one decays leptonically. The charge of the lepton  from the W-boson tags the charge of the b-quark at production. In events where a muon is associated to the semileptonic decay of the b-quark (either directly or after a b→c hadronic transition), two charge asymmetries(CA) and several CP asymmetries, based on the charges of the lepton from the W-boson and this muon, can be measured.