School of Physics and Astronomy

Searches for Particle Dark Matter in the Antarctic Ice and Prospects for a Galactic Signal

6 May 2016

Time: 1:30pm
Venue: GO Jones Room 410

PPRC Seminars
Neil Spooner (Sheffield)
Teppei Katori

I'll briefly review the arguments for and status of particle dark matter searches and then focus on the possibility of looking for a definitive galactic signature.  There have been several hints for WIMP dark matter over the years, most notably the DAM/LIBRE annual modulation result.  There are new efforts to study this, for instance DM-ICE.  I'll describe the efforts and latest results and also take a look at the prospects for a directional signal using gas Time Projection Chamber technology including the new CYGNUS global collaboration aiming to deploy targets at multiple latitudes deep underground.