School of Physics and Astronomy

Searches for Dark Forces and Particles at Belle and Belle 2: Status and Prospects

11 December 2015

Time: 1:30pm
Venue: GO Jones Room 410

PPRC Seminars
Gianluca Inguglia (Desy)

Many extentions of the standard model postulate the existence of new forces and particles that might fill our gap of knowledge of the Universe and, with respect to its "dark" content, provide viable candidates for dark matter. These theories are often referred to as dark sector theories or simply as dark sector. In this seminar possible decay topologies and dark sector "smoking gun" signatures in collider experiments will be presented, emphasizing the complementarity between different experimental set-ups (i.e. e+e- colliders vs. hadron machines). After reviewing the current status of searches for dark forces and particles at the Belle Experiment, I will shortly introduce the main features and the status of the Belle 2 Experiment and discuss its discovery potential in the context of dark sector(s).

Slides can be found here: