School of Physics and Astronomy

T2K and HyperK sensitivity studies and cross-section measurements

Research Group:Particle Physics Research Centre

Length of Study in Years: 3.4

Full-time Project: yes



Project Description:

The T2K experiment, located in Japan, is a neutrino accelerator experiment to probe neutrino oscillation measurements. Hyper Kamiokande (HyperK) is a next generation experiment, to probe CP violation in the neutrino sector. In order to measure CP violation, we need huge detectors, a tight control on detector systematic uncertainties and a detailed understanding of neutrino interaction cross-sections. This project will involve participation in the T2K experiment and analysis of near detector data to further our understanding of cross-sections for some of the critical interactions, and applying current understanding to design and sensitivity studies for elements of the HyperK experiment which is now in a pre-construction phase.

SPA Academics: Jeanne Wilson