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School of Physics and Astronomy

Search for Z' Resonances.

Research Group:Particle Physics Research Centre

Number of Students:1

Length of Study in Years: 3-4

Full-time Project: No


QM Scholarship

Project Description:

The search for Z boson-like resonances aims to search for signals of new physics beyond the Standard Model in non supersymmetric models for example. The Z' boson is expected to have identical properties to the Z with larger mass. Current searches have excluded such particle for masses above a few TeV. Analysis of larger data sets being collected at the LHC will allow higher exclusion limits to be obtained, or the discovery of something new! The particle will appear as a resonance on a steeply falling Drell-Yan continuum background. Understanding detector resolution effects and backgrounds from Standard Model processes is essential in these searches.




Student expected to travel frequently to Geneva, and possibly spent 1 year at CERN depending on funding.
Excellent programming skills in C++, python, linux/unix

SPA Academics: Eram Rizvi