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Associated Higgs and Z boson production in final states with b quarks and leptons

Research Group:Particle Physics Research Centre

Number of Students:1-

Length of Study in Years: 3

Full-time Project: yes



Project Description:

In our Standard Model, the breaking of Electroweak symmetry by the Higgs field leads to massive force carriers and Higgs bosons. The later has been discovered by ATLAS and CMS experiments in 2012 in interactions with electroweak gauge bosons. In contrast, we have only recently obtained first evidence for the Yukawa coupling of the Higgs field to fermions, which is expected to generate the fermion masses. The PhD project focuses on a measurement of Higgs decays into massive bottom quarks. First evidence for this process has just been reported and with a larger data set we expect to be able to not only observe the process with higher significance but as well to measure key kinematic distributions of the decay products. In order to get a clean selection, we focus on the associated production of a Higgs boson and a Z boson for which the associated direct production of a Z boson with bottom quarks constitutes a major background.


Basic C++ programming skills required. The student is encouraged to spend a year at the CERN experiment in Geneva.

SPA Academics: Ulla Blumenschein

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