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School of Physics and Astronomy

PhD Programme

Next application closing date: 31st January 2020 for entry September 2020.

PhD research topics are expected to involve

  • Studying the interactions of fundamental particles.
  • Development of software for the analysis of real and simulated data.
  • Development and testing experimental instrumentation.
  • Implementation and evaluation of components of the Particle Physics distributed computing and data Grid system.
  • Development of software and hardware within data-acquisition systems for experiments.

The detailed topics of the doctorate project will be decided between the supervisor and the student. An indicative list of available projects can be seen in the link on the sidebar. Graduate students will join the group in October for a period of 3-4 years and undertake a comprehensive series of lecture courses in the first semester covering particle physics theory, the Standard Model, as well as programming, experimental techniques and analysis methods. Further details may be found on our postgraduate lectures pages on the sidebar.

Students then work closely with their supervisor on a first year project which will form the basis of a First Year Report to be submitted by September, followed by an oral examination of the report. There will be another short oral examination at the end of the second year.

During the PhD, students will have the opportunity to attend national and international workshops, summer schools and conferences. In particular all students are expected to attend the UK Summer School for Experimental High Energy Physicists at the end of their first year as well as the Institute of Physics High Energy Physics conference in their final year. Students may also be offered the opportunity to spend extended periods of time abroad at the accelerator laboratories depending on funding constraints. All of our students are encouraged to participate in Outreach activities and public engagement which may involve work with the media, helping local schools, and participating in Masterclass and other science events.

Details on the application procedure, eligibility criteria, and funding opportunities including application deadlines may be found under How to Apply

Undergraduate students who are considering a PhD in experimental particle physics in the future may wish to apply for a summer internship with the group. Full details can be found in the Available UG Projects section of this web site.