School of Physics and Astronomy

New Generation of Ultra-Stable Instruments for Exoplanet Studies

Research Group:Astronomy Unit

Length of Study in Years: 4

Full-time Project: yes



Project Description:

Detecting the signal of a planet orbiting a star is very challenging. Exoplanet characterization is mostly driven by technical advances enabling unprecedented levels of accuracy. Novel technologies and materials are becoming available. Integration of these new technologies can massively reduce the cost of current instruments or, conversely, produce a breakthrough in new instrumental capabilities such as spatially resolved high-resolution spectroscopy and extreme contrast imaging. The project will focus on designing and developing new instruments and demonstrate them at available observatories.


Intermediate to level in programming (Java, C++ or python). Basic training on applied physics and/or experimental astronomy. Willingness to learn how to use optical and mechanical design tools (eg. Zeemax).

SPA Academics: Guillem Anglada Escude