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Relativistic Cosmology in The Era of Large Scale Surveys

Research Group:Astronomy Unit

Number of Students:1-

Length of Study in Years: 3-4

Full-time Project: yes



Project Description:

Over the next decade the field of cosmology will be transformed by surveys which will map out the universe in unprecedented detail and depth on the largest scales we can see. In anticipation of this, cosmological modelling has to move beyond the Newtonian pricture often used to date, and incorporate a variety of contributions from Einstein's General Relativity. Projects in this area include calculating and predicting observable quantites associated with the statistical distribution of galaxies, with a particular emphasis on predictions for surveys to ba carried out by the Square Kilometre Array in South Africa, and the Euclid telescope. This will allow us to probe topics as diverse as dark energy, the theory of gravity on the largest scales, and details of the inflaton field thought to be responsible for the early inflationary era. Analysis techniques will consist of a variety of techniques including analytical calculation, numerical simulations, or statistical analysis, or a combination of these.

Projects in this area can involve collaborators based in Cape Town working on the Square Kilometre Array project, and so there is the opportunity to spend a significant portion of each year there.

SPA Academics: Chris Clarkson

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