School of Physics and Astronomy

Early Universe Physics

Research Group:Astronomy Unit

Number of Students:1

Length of Study in Years: 3-4

Full-time Project: yes


QM Scholarship

Project Description:

In the standard model of modern cosmology the very early universe underwent a period of extremely rapid expansion, known as inflation. This period of expansion provides the initial conditions that are necessary to explain the temperature fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background, as well as the seeds of structures that later grow to become galaxies and clusters.
During the project the student will study models of the early universe, and compare them with the latest observational data. In order to do this the student will develop analytical and numerical tools that allow it to study these models.



Key elements of a PhD project in early universe physics might typically include:

  • Constructing and studying models of the early universe, developing tools for understanding their consequences, and analysing the observational signatures that they should be expected to produce.
  • Developing techniques for recognising the signatures of different models of the early universe in the cosmic microwave background.
  • Studying the formation of structure in the early and late universe.


A degree in Physics, Mathematics, or similar.

SPA Academics: Karim Malik David Mulryne